Tracing worksheet for nursery |nursery number activities

Premium Tracing worksheet for nursery |nursery number activities
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Tracing worksheet for nursery | 1 to 20 Number tracing worksheet | Nursery Number Activities

´╗┐tracing worksheet for nursery. Download 1 to 20 dotted tracing worksheet along with the colouring 1 to 20 worksheet also identifying 1 to 20 numbers activity maths worksheets for nursery

14 pages worksheets from Number 14 to 20

Nursery number activities are educational activities that help young children learn basic number concepts and skills. These activities can include counting, matching numbers to quantities, identifying numbers, and learning basic arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction. Examples of nursery number activities include counting games, number puzzles, and hands-on activities using manipulatives such as counting bears or blocks. It's important that these activities are interactive and fun for children, so they can learn in a positive and engaging environment.

Here are some examples of number of activities for pre-schoolers:

Number matching: Cut out numbers from a magazine or newspaper and have the children match them to the corresponding number of objects, such as counting out that many blocks or crayons.

Number puzzles: Create number puzzles by writing numbers on index cards and having the children match them to the corresponding number of shapes or pictures.

Counting games: Play counting games such as counting how many steps it takes to get to a certain point or counting how many objects are in a container.

Number tracing: Provide children with number tracing worksheets or use a whiteboard and have them trace numbers with their fingers or a dry-erase marker.

Number scavenger hunt: Hide numbers around the room and have the children find them. Once they find a number, they can count out that many objects.

Number bingo: Create a bingo board with numbers and have the children match the numbers called out to the numbers on their board.

Number songs and rhymes: Teach children number songs and rhymes to help them learn number recognition and counting.

Remember, it's important to make the activities interactive, fun and engaging for children to build interest and make the learning more effective

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