ABCs For Kids: Learn The Alphabet With These Printable Flashcards

ABCs For Kids: Learn The Alphabet With These Printable Flashcards
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Learning the alphabet can be a fun and exciting experience for young children! Now you can download a free PDF of Alphabet Flashcards, which features 26 brightly colored cards with simple graphics to help your nursery schooler learn the letters of the alphabet.

Print and Cut Out The Alphabet Cards.

Simply download the PDF, print, and then cut out each card. Make sure to cut on the dotted lines so that the pictures stay with their corresponding letters. You can also laminate or glue the cards on construction paper if you’d like them to last longer. Once all of your cards are cut out, it’s time to start teaching!
Introduce your child to the cards by showing them each one and saying the name of the letter and its sound. Your child may recognize some of the words from illustrations on the card or context clues from their environment, like saying “B is for ball” when playing with a ball. Then, move on to matching activities. The alphabet cards come in two sets - upper and lowercase letters - so you can start out having them sort other cards in triads that begin with, “Uppercase A, Lowercase A, Picture A…”. Once they get more proficient with all that corresponds to each letter, you can help them build simple three-letter words using phonics. Playing several games with these flashcards will make sure your little one is ready to learn more complex language skills soon!
Alphabet flashcards are a creative way to get your little one learning letters from an early age. We’ve put together a set of printable pdf files that include pictures and listed phonemes for each letter of the alphabet in both upper and lowercase. You can easily download these free cards for use with your nursery class or just for fun at home. The cards provide an illustrative representation of language that toddlers can understand, ultimately helping them identify letters and eventually build their reading foundation.
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