A Beautiful Cloth Class 3 EVS Worksheet for Kids

Premium A Beautiful Cloth Class 3 EVS Worksheet for Kids
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Learn with CBSE IMAGE Ncert Solutions A Beautiful Cloth class-3

CBSE IMAGE Ncert Solutions provides an effective way for students of Class 3 to learn the concept of A Beautiful Cloth. This program provides a unique approach towards learning, with its instructional images, making it easy for students to understand and retain the lesson. With this solution, students can develop a better understanding of the concept and be able to apply it in their everyday life.

A beautiful cloth class 3 evs. Download A Beautiful cloth worksheet based on the latest class 3 evs syllabus including questions on types of clothes, fill in the blanks, chapter 23 class 3 evs. A beautiful cloth chapter 23 evs class 3 worksheet consist of 3 pages, in the first worksheet questions are based on the Colour the woollen clothes with Red and cotton clothes with blue, followed by fill in the blanks, match the following and life cycle of cotton from seeds to cotton dress, and life cycle of the silkworm.

Topic - A Beautiful cloth class 3 chapter 23

Book - looking around grade 3

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