Print and Download Free EVS Worksheets for Nursery

Print and Download Free EVS Worksheets for Nursery
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Print and Download Free EVS Worksheets for Nursery on my self  - Chapter 1

EVS — or environmental studies — worksheets are an invaluable tool for young children as they learn about their world and develop a sense of responsibility for their environment. With engaging and developmentally appropriate activities, these EVS worksheets for nursery learners will help kids explore and gain an understanding of key ecological concepts.

My self for nursery classes, typically refers to a worksheet or activity for students to learn about and express themselves. It may include prompts or questions to help students identify their likes and dislikes, things they are good at, their families and friends, and their interests and hobbies. The worksheet may also include space for students to draw pictures of themselves or their families. 

Topic - Myself worksheet for nursery 

Myself Questions for nursery class, here are the top 10 myself questions for nursery class which can be asked.

1. What is your Name

2.  How old are you

3.  What is your gender 

4.  Which class you are in?

5.  What is your Father and Mother's name.

6.  Which is your favourite colour?

7.  What is the name of your school

8.  How many siblings do you have?

9.  What does your mother and father do?

10.  When is your birthday

Nursery class EVS Syllabus for CBSE, State and ICSE ( Please note all the boards follow the same syllabus, whether your child is in CBSE Board, the state boards or ICSE Board) Evs for nursery will be the same

My self

My Family

My Body

My School

Places around us

My Country


Healthy food

Day and Night

Good Manners




Plants and Trees




Fruits and Vegetables


Save Our Planet

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