Evs worksheet for nursery on My Family - Free download

Evs worksheet for nursery on My Family - Free download
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'My Family' Worksheet for EVS- Chapter 2 | My family worksheet for nursery

full form of EVS is environmental studies which is a combination of science and social science too.

My family worksheet, for nursery is one of the best topics to introduce to children This worksheet also includes an activity sheet for nursery class along with matching the family members, evs wallpaper worksheet is the key concept to connect with the world around us.. This worksheet on my family will help the students to identify their family members and their role in the house.

Download free evs for nursery worksheet on chapter 2 my family. This evs worksheets for CBSE nursery will help the students to learn and understand the concepts of family, and identifying family members, EVS activity worksheet will help the students to develop their skills and holistic development.

'My Family' worksheets is a great way to introduce your nursery-goers to the different members of their family. This worksheet, which is part of the EVS Chapter 2 syllabus by the CBSE Board, helps students learn about the importance of each family member and their roles in keeping the family strong. With its fun activities such as puzzles and fill in the blanks, your little ones are bound to enjoy this chapter while learning more about their family!


"My family worksheet" in a nursery setting is important because it helps children to understand and appreciate the diverse backgrounds and family structures that make up their classroom community. It also helps them to develop a sense of belonging and to understand that all families are unique and special in their own way. Additionally, the family chapter can be used as a tool for teaching children about the concept of family and the important roles that each member plays, which can help to foster a sense of self-awareness and self-esteem.

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