NCERT Solutions for class 6 English Unit 1 Poem A House, A Home

Premium NCERT Solutions for class 6 English Unit 1 Poem A House, A Home
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Dive deep into the charming world of the A House A Home poem. This is a distinctive poem that weaves together the intimate aspects of a house and a home, and it has captivated Class 6 English students around the globe. It isn't just a poem, but it's a series of thought-provoking question-answers that instill lifelong lessons in the young minds. Written by a renowned poet, the A House A Home poem Class 6, is an essential part of the Class 6 English Chapter 1.

With profound insights, it resonates with young hearts and kindles their imagination. If you're exploring the 6th Class English poem, or specifically seeking a comprehensive A House A Home poem question answer guide, we provide an extensive analysis that will help you understand the nuances and enhance your knowledge. This gem among poems in English for Class 6 embodies warmth, togetherness, and much more. Discover the difference between a house and a home as encapsulated in the Class 6th English poem, and learn why it continues to be a favorite for educators and students alike.


A House a home class 6 summary

The poem ‘A House, A Home’ is a two-stanza poem written by Lorraine M. Halli. In this poem, the poet highlights the difference between a house and a home. They differ in several ways. A house consists of rooms, a kitchen, a balcony etc which are made up of bricks, stone, wood and glass. Some houses may have a yard, chimneys and tiled floors. Depending on the need, these may have a large number of doors. There are some cemented structures, but no signs of life. Thus, a house is a lifeless building unless it is occupied by people.

A home on the other hand is a place where a family lives with love and affection. A house becomes a home when parents along with brothers and sisters live together and care for each other. They understand each other well. The family members work for the welfare of the family selflessly. They are kind towards each other and help each other in all ups and downs


Questions (Page No. 16)

(Working With the Poem)

A house a home question answer

Question 1. Do you agree with what the poet says? Talk to your partner and complete these sentences.

a.     A house is made of ____________________________.

b.    It has _____________________________.

c.     A home is made by _________________________.

d.    It has ________________________________.


a.     A house is made of brick, stone, cement, hard wood, window glass, and a yard.

b.    It has eaves, chimneys, tile floors, stucco, roof, and lots of doors.

c.     A home is made by family members.

d.    It has unselfish acts, sharing, and caring for the loved ones.

Question 2. Now complete these sentences about your house and home.

a.     My house is ________.

b.    The best thing about my home is ___________.


a.     My house is a place made of brick and stone. It is a solid structure.

b.    The best thing about my home is that we live with love and affection.

In conclusion, the A House A Home poem in English for Class 6 serves as an illuminating beacon in the curriculum. Crafted meticulously by the poet, it introduces students to the concept of home, far beyond the physicality of a house. This Class 6 English poem, being a cornerstone of Class 6 English Chapter 1, encourages students to ponder the difference of house and home. As a celebrated 6th class English poem, it expertly explains how a home is more than a mere dwelling place; it's a sanctuary filled with love, warmth, and understanding. The What is a Home poem uniquely captures these sentiments, presenting a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences. A poem house in its true sense, it conveys how the bricks and mortar transform into a home with the magic of love and togetherness. As an integral part of the 6th Class poem syllabus, it leaves an indelible impact on young minds, fostering a deeper understanding of human relationships and the essence of home. The Class 6th English poem has, undoubtedly, set a benchmark in English poetry for young learners

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