Class 6 Knowing our Numbers: Notes, MCQs, Mindmap & Extra Questions & Answers

Class 6 Knowing our Numbers: Notes, MCQs, Mindmap & Extra Questions & Answers
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Mastering the basics of number-related concepts can help to improve your understanding of mathematics in Class

Knowing your numbers in class 6 chapter 1 NCERT math can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be! With the right resources and practice, you can master the understanding of mathematical problems with ease. Download our notes, multiple choice questions (MCQs), and test prep materials to help you ace the exam and know your numbers like a pro.

Understand Place Value

Place value is an important concept in Math, which helps us to understand the value of each number in a specific place. To understand this concept, you must learn the Positional System which divides numbers into ones, tens, hundreds and so on. Through this system, you can add and subtract larger numbers with ease. It also helps you compare and order larger numbers correctly.

Form and Compare Numbers

Using the Positional System, you can form and compare multiple digit numbers. To Raju, a number like 435 can be broken down into hundreds, tens, and ones. This makes it easier to compare numbers since each digit in a number is compared with the corresponding position from an other number in the same question. For example when comparing 435 to 463, you can look at their hundreds place first which is 4 for both numbers and then immediately conclude that 463 is greater than 435 because 6 is greater than 5.

Addition of Two or More digit numbers

Adding two or more digits can easily be done by adding the numbers in each place value column. For example, if you were to add 435 and 463, all you need to do is add the numbers in each column starting from the rightmost digit and moving towards the left. 400 + 400 = 800, 3 + 6 = 9, thereby making 899 as your answer. This method of addition works for any number of digits as long as they are lined up correctly according to their place values.

Subtraction of Two or More digit numbers

Subtraction of two or more numbers is done using the same method as adding two or more numbers. You simply need to subtract the number in each column starting from rightmost and moving towards the left, like so 500 – 200 = 300, 3 - 6 = -3, resulting in 297 as your answer. This technique works for any number of digits. Take note that if you are subtracting a larger number from a smaller one, you will be left with a negative answer.

Knowing our numbers class 6 is a fundamental topic that introduces students to the fascinating world of numbers and lays the foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts. This comprehensive SEO-based paragraph delves into various aspects of the subject, including knowing our numbers class 6 worksheets, PDFs, questions and answers, notes, test papers, extra questions, MCQs, and more. With a focus on providing students with the necessary resources to master this topic, we aim to make the learning experience enjoyable and engaging.

The knowing our numbers class 6 worksheet is an essential tool for students to practice and reinforce their understanding of numbers. These worksheets encompass a wide range of exercises that involve working with large numbers, understanding place value, comparing and ordering numbers, rounding, and estimation. Available in PDF format, the knowing our numbers class 6 worksheet with answers PDF enables students to easily access and practice these exercises, ensuring a thorough understanding of the topic.

In addition to worksheets, knowing our numbers class 6 PDF resources serve as valuable study materials for students. These resources cover various aspects of the subject, such as place value, number systems, rounding, and estimation. Students can use these PDF resources to supplement their classroom learning and gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

To facilitate a more interactive learning experience, knowing our numbers class 6 questions and answers provide students with opportunities to test their knowledge and apply their understanding of numbers to solve problems. These questions and answers cover a wide range of topics, enabling students to practice and refine their skills in various aspects of knowing our numbers.

For students seeking additional resources to help them excel in their studies, knowing our numbers class 6 notes provide a comprehensive overview of the topic. These notes are designed to help students easily grasp essential concepts and serve as excellent study materials for revision. The knowing our numbers class 6 test paper, which includes a variety of questions, is a valuable resource to help students evaluate their understanding and prepare for examinations.

Students looking to challenge themselves further can delve into knowing our numbers class 6 extra questions and knowing our numbers class 6 MCQs. These resources offer additional practice opportunities, enabling students to develop their problem-solving skills and excel in their studies. The assignment on knowing our numbers class 6 serves as a useful tool for students to consolidate their learning and apply their understanding of numbers to real-world scenarios.

For students who prefer learning in Hindi, knowing our numbers meaning in Hindi and knowing our numbers in Hindi resources are available to cater to their learning preferences. These resources cover the same topics and concepts as the English versions, ensuring that all students have access to high-quality educational materials.

The maths knowing our numbers worksheet class 6 is another valuable resource for students seeking additional practice opportunities. Similar to other worksheets, these resources cover a range of topics and exercises to help students develop a thorough understanding of numbers.

For a more visual learning experience, the knowing our numbers class 6 mindmap serves as a helpful tool for students to visualize the relationships between different concepts within the topic. By using the mind map, students can quickly recall important ideas and better prepare for examinations.


  1. What is the importance of knowing our numbers in class 6? Knowing our numbers in class 6 is important because it helps students understand the basics of numbers, place values, number systems, rounding, and estimation, which are fundamental concepts in mathematics.

  2. What is place value? Place value is the value of a digit in a number based on its position. Each position in a number has a specific place value, such as ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on.

  3. What are the different number systems? The different number systems include the Hindu-Arabic numeral system (also known as the decimal system), the Roman numeral system, and the binary system, among others. The decimal system is the most widely used number system.

  4. What is rounding? Rounding is the process of approximating a number to a specific degree of accuracy, usually to the nearest whole number, ten, hundred, and so on.

    Click here to download rounding off to the nearest 10 worksheet

  5. What is estimation? Estimation is the process of finding an approximate value or quantity based on available information or data. It is useful for making quick calculations and determining approximate answers without carrying out exact calculations.

  6. How can students practice knowing our numbers in class 6? Students can practice knowing our numbers through various resources, such as worksheets, questions and answers, test papers, MCQs, and extra questions at witknowlearn

  7. Are there any resources available for students who prefer learning in Hindi? Yes, there are resources available in Hindi, such as knowing our numbers meaning in Hindi and knowing our numbers in Hindi, which cover the same topics and concepts as the English versions.

  8. What is a mindmap, and how does it help in learning knowing our numbers in class 6? A mindmap is a visual representation of information that shows the relationships between different concepts. In the context of knowing our numbers in class 6, a mindmap can help students visualize the connections between different ideas, making it easier to recall important concepts and prepare for examinations.

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