Fun with magnets class 6 worksheets

Premium Fun with magnets class 6 worksheets
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Fun with magnets class 6 worksheets

CBSE class 6 science fun with magnets worksheets based on the latest syllabus including fill in the blanks, define, long and shorts questions and more.

Fun with magnets class 6, Points to remember

Some people believe that magnetite was first discovered at a place called Magnesia. The substances having the property of attracting iron are now known as magnets. people now have

discovered that certain rocks have the property of attracting pieces of iron. Nowadays artificial magnets are prepared in different shapes. For example, bar magnet, horseshoe magnet, cylindrical or a ball-ended magnet.

Magnet attracts certain materials whereas some do not get attracted towards the magnet. The materials which get attracted towards a magnet are magnetic – for example, iron, nickel or cobalt. The materials which are not attracted towards a magnet are non-magnetic.

This property of the magnet is very useful for us. For centuries, travellers have been making use of this property of magnets to find directions. It is said that in olden days, travellers used to find directions by suspending natural magnets with a thread, which they always carried with them. Later on, a device was developed based on this property of magnets. It is known as the compass. A compass is usually a small box with a glass cover on it.

Magnets loose their properties if they are heated, hammered or dropped from some height Also, magnets become weak if they are not stored properly. To keep them safe, bar magnets should be kept in pairs with their unlike poles on the same side. They must be separated by a piece of wood while two pieces of soft iron should be placed across their ends For horse-shoe magnet, one should keep a piece of iron across the poles.

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