Exponents and powers class 8 | worksheets & Printable

Exponents and powers class 8 | worksheets & Printable
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Exponents or Power and Exponents class 8 | worksheet & Printable

Do you know what is the mass of the earth is?

It is 5,970,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. It is quite difficult to read and understand, to make it easy we convert this big number into exponent form. Exponents are used by scientist and mathematician to compress bigger numbers into smaller numbers.

Download class 8 exponents and power pdf worksheet questions. Exponents and power class 8th worksheet is designed by expert teachers including questions on the expanded form, mental math and more

Key Benefit

Topic: Exponents and power

Grade:  8

Type: PDF Printable worksheet

You can download power and exponent chapter for class 7 also. Click here: Power and exponents class 7

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