Lalu and Peelu | class 1 CBSE English worksheet

Lalu and Peelu | class 1 CBSE English worksheet
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Lalu and Peelu | class 1 CBSE Worksheet with answer 

Lalu and Peelu. Download class 1 CBSE NCERT Lalu and Peelu worksheet based on the latest syllabus including fill in the blanks, true and false, identify the correct word and more. This Lalu and Peelu question and answer worksheet will help your child for revision and class test.


This story is all about a hen and her two chicks, Lalu and Peelu. Lalu was red in colour and he also loves red things. Peelu was yellow in colour and he loves yellow things. One day Lalu are a red chilli by mistake his mouth started burning. He began to cry loudly. Peelu brought a yellow laddu to help Lalu. Lalu ate the laddu and felt relieved.

Topic: Lalu and Peelu

Type: Worksheet with answer

Grade: 1

Worksheet type: PDF CBSE Ncert worksheet

Number of pages: 02

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