Marigold Chapter 8: Mittu and the Yellow Mango Class 1 Worksheet

Marigold Chapter 8: Mittu and the Yellow Mango Class 1 Worksheet
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One day Mittu saw a yellow mango hanging on a tree. He wanted to eat the mango and went to the tree. A crow was sitting on the tree saving the mango so that no one can eat it. The crow saw Mittu and said, "CAW, CAW". Mittu flew away on hearing it. Mittu saw a red balloon under the tree. He slowly took it and popped it. "POP" came the loud noise. The crow fell down on hearing the noise. Now Mittu went to the tree and ate the Mango. "Yummy! Yummy!" he said. What a clever Mittu!

The Mittu and the Yellow Mango Class 1 story authored by Chitra Narendran tells the story of a green parrot named Mittu. One day Mittu spots a yellow mango hanging from a mango tree. He wanted to eat the mango, but the crow on the tree wouldn’t allow Mittu to eat the mango. Mittu had an idea of scaring the crow so he burst a balloon near the crow. The crow got scared from the loud sound and flew away. Mittu could eat the mango happily.

The NCERT Mittu and the Yellow Mango worksheet solutions for this poem helps the child to list fruits and the trees that they grow on and trace vowels.

The Mittu and the Yellow Mango Class 1 questions and answers

Q: What did Mittu see on the tree?

A:  Mittu saw a big yellow mango on the tree.

Q: What did the big black crow say?

A: The big black crow shouted harshly, ‘Caw caw’ and told Mittu to go away because this tree belonged to the crow only.

Q: What did Mittu see under the tree?

A: Mittu saw a red balloon under the tree.

Q: Do you like eating mangoes?

A: Yes, I like eating mangoes. Among all the fruits, mango is my favourite fruit.

Q: Do you like green mangoes? Why?

A: Yes, I like green mangoes. They taste sour. Sometimes they may taste sweet too. My mother makes delicious mango salad and pickles which everyone enjoys eating.

Q: Do you like yellow mangoes? Why?

A: Yes, I like yellow mangoes a lot. They are sweet in flavourful, and very juicy.

Discover the enchanting world of Mittu and the Yellow Mango, a delightful and engaging educational journey that captivates young minds and fosters a love for learning. Our Mittu and the Yellow Mango worksheet is designed to complement the engaging story, offering a wide range of activities and exercises that reinforce comprehension and critical thinking skills. Through Mittu and the Yellow Mango question answer section, children are encouraged to delve deeper into the narrative, enhancing their understanding of the story and its characters.

In the charming tale of Mittu and the Yellow Mango, children are introduced to the vibrant world of Mittu, a curious parrot who embarks on a captivating adventure. As they follow Mittu's journey, young learners will uncover the answer to the intriguing question, "What did Mittu see under the tree?" The Mittu and the Yellow Mango story pdf is a valuable resource for parents and teachers, providing an accessible and engaging format for exploring this delightful story with their young learners.

Mittu, the endearing protagonist, captures the hearts of children and inspires them to explore the fascinating world around them. The story's central theme revolves around the delicious fruit, mango, which is skillfully woven into various learning activities. Mango ki spelling, mango class, and mango ka spelling are just a few examples of the interactive exercises that reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills in a fun and engaging way.

The vibrant yellow mango serves as the focal point of the story, capturing children's imaginations and immersing them in the world of Mittu and his adventures. As they explore the spelling of mangoes and the various forms of mangoes spelling, young learners will develop a deeper understanding of the English language and the nuances of word formation.

Our mango sentence for class 1 activity encourages children to create their own sentences using the word "mango," fostering creativity and self-expression while reinforcing their understanding of sentence structure. The 5 lines on mango for class 1 further enhances this learning experience, providing young learners with an opportunity to describe the fruit in their own words.

The parrot ki spelling activity introduces children to the spelling of "parrot," the central character of the story. This exercise not only strengthens their vocabulary skills but also deepens their connection to the story and its protagonist, Mittu.

The "a mango is appropriate words" activity helps students identify words that are suitable and contextually relevant to the topic of mangoes. This exercise is essential for developing a strong vocabulary base and the ability to use words effectively in various contexts.

In summary, the Mittu and the Yellow Mango worksheet is a comprehensive and engaging learning resource that combines the magic of storytelling with essential language skills. Through a wide range of activities, including Mittu and the Yellow Mango question answer, mango spelling exercises, mango sentence for class 1, and the exploration of the enchanting world of Mittu and the yellow mango, young learners are sure to develop a strong foundation in English language and comprehension skills. So, let your child embark on this exciting adventure with Mittu and uncover the wonders of the English language through the vibrant world of the yellow mango.

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