Light class 7 | worksheet and printable

Premium Light class 7 | worksheet and printable
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Light class 7 | worksheet and printable 

´╗┐Light clas 7. Download light class 7 worksheet based on the latest CBSE syllabus including MCQ on light, long questions, and answers, questions based on the convex lens, define and more,

Points to remember

´╗┐Any polished or shiny surface can act as a mirror.

The beam of light travels in a straight-line path, not a curve or zigzag. These observations of beam show that light travels in a straight path and it is known as rectilinear propagation of light ( rectilinear means straight line)

The mirror changes the direction of light that falls on it. This change of direction by a mirror is called the reflection of light. The rays which remain parallel even after reflection are called regular reflection and the rays that scatter in different directions after reflection is called irregular or diffused reflection.


Plane Mirror

 A Plane mirror has a flat surface and is made of a thin sheet of glass. Generally, mercury is used in the plane mirror because it has got a shiny surface, and mercury acts as a good reflector. The image formed behind a mirror is of the same size, however, the image formed is laterally inverted.

The property of lateral inversion of an image in a plane mirror is applied in writing the word AMBULANCE on vehicles that carry patients. This is done so that the driver in the other vehicle ahead of the ambulance can see the word AMBULANCE clearly in the rearview mirror and give way to the ambulance immediately.

The image formed by the plane mirror shows the following characteristics.

It is upright or erect

It is always virtual

It is of the same size.


Incident ray: The ray of light that falls on the surface of the reflecting material or mirror.

Reflected ray: The ray of light that is sent back from the surface of the reflecting surface.

Point of incidence: The point at which the light ray strikes the reflecting surface.

Normal: The perpendicular line is drawn from the point of incidence on the reflecting surface is the normal.


A mirror whose reflecting surface curves outwards is called a convex mirror

A mirror whose reflecting surface curves inwards is called a concave mirror.

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