Plants around us class 1 worksheets

Premium Plants around us class 1 worksheets
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Evs worksheets for class 1 plants around

´╗┐Plants around us class 1 worksheets. Download Evs worksheets for class 1 plants around us based on the latest evs class 1 syllabus including questions on types of plants, parts of plants, questions on herbs, shrubs and trees, climbers and creepers etc, the worksheets consist of 4 pages including questions on identifying types of plants, label the various parts of the plant, fill in the blanks on plants around us class 1, true and false questions, identifying climbers and creepers plants for class 1, questions and answers on plants around us. Green plants are called autotrophs because green plants make their own food using sunlight, chlorophyll and water this process is known as photosynthesis, auto means self trophs means to prepare that's why green plants are called autotrophs.  

Types of Plants

Herbs: Very small plants are called herbs. e.g. grasses, mint, coriander etc

Shrubs: A small to medium-sized woody plant is called a shrub. eg. tulsi, hibiscus, rose etc

Trees: A big plant with a strong stem is called a tree. eg. apple, mango, peepal etc.

Creepers and climbers have weak stems. Creepers creep on the ground Climbers need support to stand straight. The leaves of different plants are also different. Some plants cannot stand up like trees, they need support, these plants are called creepers example bean plants, pea plants, and grapevine plants. Plants which grows along the ground example watermelon plant and pumpkin plants are called climbers plants

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