Food we eat worksheet for class 1

Premium Food we eat worksheet for class 1
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Food we eat worksheet for class 1

Food we eat class 1. Download food we eat class 1 worksheet including food we eat questions and answers, MCQ on food we eat for class 1, fill in the blanks, questions based on types of food sources and more. Why do we eat food for class 1 worksheet consists of questions based on foods from animal and plant sources, fill in the blanks, Unscramble the words, Complete the given flowchart questions based on types of food sources, MCQ Type questions on food we eat, true and false questions and questions and answers on food we eat class 1 students.

Meals we eat: We eat three meals in a day. They are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We eat breakfast in the morning. We have lunch in the middle of the day. We take a light dinner late evening.We basically eat three meals a day. Food that gives us energy and makes us strong and healthy is called healthy food, e.g. green vegetables, cereals, eggs, fruit, milk etc.

Sources of Food

We get food from two sources: animals and plants. We get vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, and pulses from plants, whereas we get milk, fish and meat from animals

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