Means of transport class 1 worksheet

Means of transport class 1 worksheet
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Means of transport class 1 worksheet

´╗┐means of transport for class 1. Download means of transport class 1 worksheet including questions and answers on means of transport, mcq questions, flow chart-based questions and more. worksheet on means of transport for class 1 consists of 4 pages including MCQ Type questions, fill in the blanks, circle the odd one out, and Arrange the following means of transportation in their order of speed. Start with the slowest, Complete the names of these vehicles.

There are different ways of travelling from one place to another. These are known as means of transport. They can be used on land, on water or in the air. They are called vehicles.

Three ways of transport are land transport, water transport and air transport, examples of land transport are car, bus and train, an example of air transport are aeroplane, helicopter and hot air balloon, and an example of water transport are ships and boat. The largest passenger ships in the world are Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. Sishen Saldanha, south African train is the largest train in the world consisting of 660 wagons which run on 26 and 27 august 1989. The biggest plane in the world is the Antonov AN225 Mriya.

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