Linear equation in one variable for class 7

Premium Linear equation in one variable for class 7
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Linear equation in one variable or simple linear equation for class 7

An equation is a statement equating two expressions with one or more variables.

Methods for solving linear equations:

1.  Balancing an equation

A.  In an equation, to maintain the balance, any number added to one side must also be added to the other side.

B.  Anything subtracted from one side of the equation must also subtract from the other side.

C.  If one side of an equation is multiplied or divided by a number, then the other side must also do the same.

2.  Transposing Method:

Example: subtracting 2 from both the sides

1.  8x + 2 = 10 = 8x = 10 - 2 = x= 8/8 =1 ( similarly we can apply addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in transposing method)

Linear equation in one variable worksheet for class 7. We have added all types of question and covered all sub-topics related to the chapter. You can download the worksheet and take a print out, apart from that we have added online MCQ test series on linear equations in one variable chapter plus extra questions and answers in pdf form.

Key Features

Topic: Linear equation in one variable

Type: Worksheet

Grade: 7 (can be used for grade 8 and grade 9)

Types of questions: MCQ, hots questions and word problems

Mock test: Available

Practice question bank with the answer: Available

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