Sound of class 8 | Worksheet & Printable

Sound of class 8 | Worksheet & Printable
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Sound of class 8 | Worksheet & Printable

´╗┐sound for class 8. Download sound class 8 worksheet based on the latest CBSE syllabus including long questions fill in the blanks, short question, and more on sound for class 8

Sound worksheet (Point to remember)

Sound plays an important role in our lives. It helps us to communicate with one another. We hear a variety of sounds in our surroundings. the to and fro or back and forth motion of an object is called vibration. When a tightly stretched band is plucked, it vibrates and produces sound. When it stops vibrating, it does not produce any sound.

In humans, the sound is produced by the voice box or the larynx It is at the upper end of the windpipe. Two vocal cords are stretched across the voice box or larynx in such a way that it leaves a narrow slit between them for the passage of air When the lungs force air through the slit, the vocal cords vibrate, producing sound. Muscles attached to the vocal cords can make the cords tight or loose. The vocal cords in men are about 20 mm long. In women, these are about 15mm long. Children have very short vocal cords. This is the reason why the voices of men, women and children are different.

The shape of the outer part of the ear is like a funnel. When sound enters it, it travels down a canal at the end of which there is a thin stretched membrane. It is called the eardrum. It performs an important function.

The number of oscillations per second is called the frequency of oscillation. Frequency is expressed in hertz. Its symbol is Hz. A frequency of 1 Hz is one oscillation per second. Amplitude and frequency are two important properties of any sound.

The frequency determines the shrillness or pitch of a sound. If the frequency of vibration is higher we say that the sound is shrill and has a higher pitch. If the frequency of vibration is lower, we say that the sound has a lower pitch. For example, a drum vibrates with a low frequency. Therefore, it produces a low-pitched sound. On the other hand, a whistle has a high frequency and therefore, produces a sound of higher pitch. 

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