Worksheet on Places Around Us For Preschoolers – Download Now!

Premium Worksheet on Places Around Us For Preschoolers – Download Now!
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Places around us worksheet including pictures of places.

Teaching your nursery class about the places around them just got a whole lot easier with this printable worksheet! A great way to engage young minds and encourage learning, you can easily download the PDF and get started right away. Places around us chapter will help the students to understand about neighbouring and what types of places we do visit when required.

Introduce the concept of different places around us worksheet with picture of places

Learning about places around them can be fun and easy with this worksheet! It starts with a simple picture depicting the various places they may see in their neighbourhood such as the playground, doctors office, school and so on. Use this as an introductory activity to allow your little ones to explore what they know and find out more.

The worksheet also includes questions and activities to get them thinking even more. Encourage conversations around the different places they visit, such as what they do at each place and why it’s important. It also includes some fun word search activities, with words related to their places around them. Your kids will be able to explore their community, learn new vocabulary and enjoy this stimulating worksheet!

Children need to be familiar with places around them for several reasons. First, it helps with their cognitive development as they learn to navigate and understand the world around them. Second, it can increase their sense of independence and self-confidence as they learn to navigate their environment. Third, it can promote socialization and interaction with their community as they explore and learn about the places in their area. Finally, it can also help to foster a sense of belonging and connection to their community, which can be important for their overall well-being. This nursery worksheet will help the students in real-life situation aso .

Homework for nursery class on this chapter.

Cut and paste different places near by places  which you visit everyday, example stationary shops, malls etc

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