Free All-In-One Book for Preschool and Nursery (PDF)

Free All-In-One Book for Preschool and Nursery (PDF)
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Get kids learning and having fun with this comprehensive all-in-one pre school and nursery book. Featuring maths, alphabets, colours, parts of the body, and shapes topics, the book provides children with the fundamental basics in an interactive and engaging way.

This book features interactive learning activities carefully designed to introduce children to basic maths and English topics, while highlighting the importance of colours around them. With a range of activities and games, children can explore a new concept in depth. The exciting activities are designed to capture the attention of young minds and get them interested in early learning.
Children will learn alphabetical order, drawing shapes and simple maths concepts. The range of activities are designed to teach colour names, the shapes of basic objects and the different parts of a person's body. To keep them engaged and motivated to continue learning, fun games, such as counting and sorting by colour, can also be played. Everyone learns differently; this book offers an accessible way for youngsters to discover a range of topics in an enjoyable way.
To support their learning, the book includes beautiful illustrations that enhance visual recognition and encourage colour recognition. These colourful pictures are key to making learning fun and engaging for young children. By familiarising themselves with concepts such as shapes, numbers and alphabets within aplayful environment, children can then start to build a strong foundation of early learning skills that will last them through their educational journey. For even more flexibility, this book doubles up as an interactive tool, allowing parents or guardians to work with the child throughout the activities.

Features of this all in one pre nursery book (PDF) free download are

Total Pages - 55

  • Features of this all in one book for pre school and Nursery kids ( for1 year and above)
  • Smaller and capital letter alphabet with pictures ( 26 alphabets) colourful
  • Numbers from 1 to 10
  • Shapes including circle, rectangle, triangle, square, and star shapes with examples
  • Parts of the Body so that kids can understand
  • Identifying various colours with examples 

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