Geography Lesson Poem NCERT Solutions for class 8 English chapter 2 Honeydew

Geography Lesson Poem NCERT Solutions for class 8 English chapter 2 Honeydew
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Geography Lesson poem summary 

Geography Lesson" by Zulfikar Ghose is a poem in which the poet talks about his experiences of flying high in a jet. As the jet takes off, he sees the cities that are laid out below in an unplanned and disorganised way. He says that he understands the reason for them to be disarranged such that things are existing as they are meant to be. He also says that he understands the logic behind people settling near river valleys. People need water to perform all basic activities and therefore, they settle near water bodies. He also confirms that the earth is round and that majority of its surface is covered by water, as seen from the height. Although he understands all these concepts, he does not understand why human beings fight and spread hate in spite of life being so beautiful.

The moral of the poem is that we shall use natural resources like land and water wisely. Also, we shall all live together on harmony and not fight with each other over trivial things. In this way, we can make Earth a beautiful place to live in.


Geography Lesson Poem question answer

Questions (Page No. 35)

Question 1. Find three or four phrases in stanzas one and two which are likely to occur in a geography lesson.

Answer: Some of the three or four phrases which are likely to occur in a geography lesson are listed below:

a.     “the city had developed the way it had”

b.    “it scaled six inches to the mile”

c.     “the country had cities where the rivers ran”

d.    “the valleys were populated”

e.    “land and water attracted man”

Question 2. Seen from the window of an aeroplane, the city appears.

a.  as haphazard as on the ground.

b.  as neat as a map.

c.   as developed as necessary.

Mark the right answer.

Answer: c.     as developed as necessary.

Question 3. Which of the following statements are examples of “the logic of geography”?

a.     There are cities where there are rivers.

b.    Cities appear as they are not from six miles above the ground.

c.     It is easy to understand why valleys are populated.

d.    It is difficult to understand why humans hate and kill one another.

e.    The earth is round, and it has more sea than land.


Statements (a), (c) and (d) are correct.

Question 4. Mention two things that are

a.     clear from the height.

b.    not clear from the height.


a.     From the height, it is clear that the cities and valleys of the various countries are populated near the rivers. Besides, it also implies that the earth is round and that it had more sea than land.

b.    From the height, it is difficult to understand why the men on the earth find reasons to hate each other and build walls across cities and want to kill. This implies that Nature does not restrict itself in boundaries, but human beings are always trying hard to divide the beautiful planet by building walls among themselves.

If you're looking for an engaging and informative geography lesson for Class 8 students, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will explore a poem called The Geography Lesson that is specifically designed to help students understand various geographical concepts. This poem, suitable for Class 8 English, offers a unique way of learning and grasping the subject.

The Geography Lesson is a captivating poem that takes students on a journey through different landscapes and regions. It not only introduces them to important geographical terms but also encourages them to think critically and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. By combining creativity and education, this poem provides an effective tool for learning.

With its carefully crafted verses, The Geography Lesson captures the attention of students, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable. The poem poses questions and answers, which help students reinforce their understanding of key concepts. These questions and answers serve as a valuable resource for both teachers and students, facilitating interactive discussions and enhancing comprehension.

Whether you are an English medium or Assamese medium student, The Geography Lesson is accessible and beneficial for all. In fact, there are specific resources available in Assamese medium that provide chapter 2 question answers for Class 8 English Geography Lesson. This ensures that students can engage with the content in their preferred language, promoting a deeper connection to the subject matter.

Additionally, for those looking for a Hindi medium alternative, there are numerous Hindi poems available for Class 8 students. These poems not only cater to the language preferences of Hindi medium students but also offer a cultural and linguistic bridge to enhance their learning experience. The use of Hindi poems for Class 8 students creates a familiar and relatable environment, enabling them to connect more deeply with the subject matter.

Furthermore, if you are searching for specific resources such as PDFs of the geography lesson poem, you will find a variety of options available online. These resources provide easy access to the poem and its accompanying question and answer sets, allowing students to study at their own pace and revise the content as needed.

In conclusion, The Geography Lesson poem is an effective tool for teaching geography to Class 8 students. Whether you prefer English, Assamese, or Hindi medium, there are resources available to cater to your specific needs. By incorporating poems and interactive question and answer sets, this approach fosters a love for the subject while facilitating a deeper understanding of geographical concepts. So, embark on this poetic journey and unlock the wonders of the world through The Geography Lesson.

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