Sorting materials into groups | class 6 worksheet

Premium Sorting materials into groups | class 6 worksheet
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Sorting materials into groups class 6 worksheet

´╗┐Sorting materials into groups class 6 worksheet pdf based on the latest CBSE syllabus including fill in the blanks, short and long questions on Sorting materials into groups.  

Sorting materials into groups class 6 

We see around us, a chair, a bullock cart, a cycle, cooking utensils, books, clothes, toys, water, stones and many other objects. All these objects have different shapes, colours and uses. All objects around us are made of one or more materials. These materials may be glass, metal, plastics, wood, cotton, paper, mud or soil.


Materials usually look different from each other. Wood looks very different from iron. Iron appears different from copper or aluminium. At the same time, there may be some similarities between iron, copper and aluminium that are not there in wood. Materials that have such lustre are usually metals. Iron, copper, aluminium and gold are examples of metals. Some metals often lose their shine and appear dull, because of the action of air and moisture on them.

Take a metal key and try to scratch with it, the surface of a piece of wood, aluminium, a piece of stone, a nail, candle, chalk, any other material or object. You can easily scratch some materials, while some cannot be scratched so easily. Materials which can be compressed or scratched easily are called soft while some other materials which are difficult to compress are called hard. For example, cotton or sponge is soft while iron is hard. In appearance, materials can have different properties, like lustre, hardness, be rough or smooth.

Some gases are soluble in water whereas others are not. Water, usually, has small quantities of some gases dissolved in it. For example, oxygen gas dissolved in water is very important for the survival of animals and plants that live in water.

The materials through which objects can be seen, but not clearly, are known as translucent.

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