NCERT Class 6 Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose Worksheet with Answer - PDF Download

Premium NCERT Class 6 Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose Worksheet with Answer - PDF Download
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If you're studying NCERT Class 6 Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose and need a worksheet with answers, you're in luck! Download the PDF and put your knowledge to the test with this helpful resource.

The friendly mongoose summary of the story

The story "The Friendly Mongoose" is taken from the collection of fables called "Panchatantra". There was a farmer and his wife. They lived in a village along with their baby. The farmer wished to have a pet in his home because he thought that it would be a good companion for his son. So he brought home a small mongoose. Within five to six months, the mongoose had grown to its full size.

One day, the farmer's wife had to go out to buy groceries. But she didn't want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose. So she asked the farmer to look after the baby till she arrives. But the farmer felt bored and went out to take a look at the fields. On his way, he met some of his friends.

When the wife got back home, she saw the mongoose's face smudged with blood. She screamed, believing that it had harmed her baby. She threw the basket full of groceries at the mongoose and killed it. Then she ran towards her baby's cradle. When she saw the dead snake near the baby's cradle, she realised the truth; the mongoose was innocent, and it had saved her baby's life by killing the snake. She also realised her mistake. She acted rashly without knowing the truth.

The moral of the story is: "Look before you leap." It means that any person must always think twice or thrice before they do something to avoid problems

The friendly mongoose moral

The story concludes that trust is very important in any bond. The Mongoose was loyal to the farmer’s family but the wife’s mistrust of him led to its unfortunate death. Loyalty should be repaid with trust and understanding. It also teaches us that our actions should not be guided by quick and reckless judgements. We should think responsibly before we act.

the friendly mongoose question answer

Question 1. Why did the farmer bring a baby mongoose into the house?

Answer: The farmer brought a baby mongoose into his house because they needed a pet so that their son had a companion when he grew up. The baby mongoose would be a friend to their son in the future.

Question 2. Why didn’t the farmer’s wife want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose?

Answer: The farmer’s wife was afraid of the mongoose harming her child and so she didn’t want to leave her baby alone with the mongoose.

Question 3. What was the farmer’s comment on his wife’s fears?

Answer: The farmer told his wife that she needn't be afraid as the mongoose was a friendly animal. It was as sweet as their baby and they were the best of friends.

Question 4. Why did the farmer’s wife strike the mongoose with her basket?

Answer: The wife saw the mongoose face and paws smeared with blood and concluded that it must have killed the baby. She cried ‘blood’ and continued screaming hysterically and accusing the wicked animal of having killed her baby. She was blind with rage and with all her strength she brought down the heavy basket full of groceries on the blood smeared mongoose.

Question 5. Did she repent her hasty action? How does she show her repentance?

Answer: Yes, she repented her hasty and rash action, she realized that the mongoose had actually saved her child by killing the black snake. She rushed outside looking for the mongoose. She repented by saying that the mongoose had saved her child and look what she had done to repay it. She touched the mongoose that lay dead and still unaware of her sobbing. She stared long at the dead mongoose.

the friendly mongoose mcq questions

Question 1: Why did the family adopt a mongoose?

a) To protect their baby from snakes

b) To have a new pet

c) To catch rats in their house

d) To entertain their children

Question 2: Why did the pet mongoose attack the new mongoose?

a) It was jealous of the new mongoose

b) It saw the new mongoose as a threat

c) It wanted to play with the new Mongoose

d) It was protecting its territory

Question 3: What did the family realize about the new mongoose?

a) It was trying to harm their baby

b) It was trying to steal their food

c) It was actually trying to protect their baby from a snake

d) It was scared of the pet mongoose

Question 4: What is the moral of the story?

a) One should not judge others based on appearances

b) It is important to have a pet mongoose

c) Snakes are dangerous and should be avoided

d) Mongoose are better pets than cats or dogs

class 6th english worksheet

This worksheet is designed for students studying NCERT Class 6 Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose. It includes four multiple-choice questions with answers provided. Students can test their knowledge and understanding of the chapter by answering these questions. The worksheet is available for download in PDF format.

class 6 chapter 2 English

The Friendly Mongoose is a chapter in the NCERT Class 6 English textbook. This chapter tells the story of a mongoose who becomes friends with a family and protects them from a snake. To help students better understand the chapter, we have created a worksheet with answers. This worksheet includes questions related to the story and its themes. Students can download the PDF and test their knowledge of Class 6 Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose.

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