40 Questions ratio and proportion class 6 worksheet with answers

Premium 40 Questions ratio and proportion class 6 worksheet with answers
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Download 40 Questions ratio and proportion class 6 worksheet with answers including MCQs . Our latest class 6 chapter 12 maths ration and proportion worksheet is designed for all types of learners.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect resource to master ratio and proportion in class 6? Look no further, as we offer the most comprehensive collection of ratio and proportion class 6 worksheets, complete with answers. From basic understanding to complex problems, our worksheet on ratio and proportion for class 6 covers everything a student needs. These worksheets on ratio and proportion for class 6 have been carefully designed to cater to various learning needs, providing step-by-step solutions for class 6th ratio and proportion worksheet challenges. In addition to the ratio and proportion class 6 worksheet, we also provide ratio and proportion questions for class 6 PDF formats to enhance online learning.

Whether it's the class 6 maths chapter 11 ratio and proportion topics or practice problems, we have them all covered. To give you the extra edge, we also have ratio and proportion class 6 extra questions with answers, making your learning experience more engaging and interactive. Want to test your knowledge? Try our ratio and proportion class 6 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) that mimic exam scenarios. If you need a more in-depth understanding, our ratio and proportion class 6 notes are here to guide you through every detail. Learning ratio and proportion class 6 has never been this easy and fun. With all these resources at your fingertips, you are guaranteed to excel in this critical area of mathematics. Explore our class 6 ratio and proportion materials today and set yourself on the path to success!

 ratio and proportion class 6


A ratio is a way to compare two quantities or numbers. It tells us how much of one thing there is compared to another. Ratios can be written in three ways: x to y, x: y, or x/y, but they all mean the same thing.


If Ram's weight is 40 kgs and Ali's weight is 80 kgs, the ratio of Ram's weight to Ali's weight is 1:2.


When two ratios are equal, we say they are in proportion. It's like saying the two comparisons are the same.


Ratios 2:3 and 6:9 are proportional. We write it like this: 2:3 = 6:9.

Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is a special number, about 1.618. It has interesting properties and appears in various places in art and nature.

Difference Between Fractions and Ratios

  • A fraction tells you about a part of a whole thing (like 1/3 means one part out of three parts).
  • A ratio tells you how two different things compare (like 10:30 shows the comparison between two numbers).

Working with Ratios

We can use ratios to compare things in different situations, like how many hours one person worked compared to another.


If Joe worked for 8 hours and James worked for 2 hours, Joe worked four times more than James. The ratio of their working hours is 8:2 or 4:1.

Buildings and Ratios

Architects can use ratios to decide if a building design is possible. If a building's width to height ratio fits a certain rule, then the building is okay to build.

Equivalent Ratios

Some ratios are equal to each other even though they look different. For instance, 10:30 and 1:3 are equivalent ratios because they mean the same thing.

Unitary Method

The unitary method helps us find out how much something costs or how far you can travel based on some information. It first finds the value of one unit and then uses that to find the value of more units.


If a car runs 150 km on 15 liters of fuel, it will run 100 km on 10 liters of fuel.

Direct and Indirect Variation

  • In direct variation, when one thing goes up, the other goes up too (like more people doing a job means more work gets done).
  • In indirect variation, when one thing goes up, the other goes down (like if a car goes faster, it takes less time to go somewhere).

Applications of Ratios and Proportions

We use ratios and proportions in everyday life, like when shopping, traveling, or running a business.


Ratios and proportions help us compare different quantities. They are used in math and in everyday life to understand relationships between things. By learning about them, we can make better decisions and understand the world around us.

Understanding ratio and proportion is essential for students, especially those in class 6. To make this subject engaging and straightforward, we have developed a ratio and proportion worksheet for class 6. This worksheet of ratio and proportion for class 6 is designed to challenge the young minds while making the learning process enjoyable.

The ratio and proportion class 6 worksheet with answers PDF is a handy tool for both students and teachers. The worksheet on ratios and proportions helps in breaking down the concepts into easy-to-grasp elements. It not only builds a solid foundation but encourages young learners to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Parents looking to support their children's learning can make use of the worksheet for ratio and proportion. It's an excellent way to practice the skills at home and reinforce what's being taught in the classroom. The ratios and proportions worksheet with answers helps parents and teachers track progress and identify areas for improvement.

The ratio and proportion class 6 curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to young learners' needs. The ratio and proportion class 6 worksheet ensures that students get ample practice and thorough understanding. For those looking for additional challenges, the ratio and proportion questions for class 6 and ratio and proportion questions for class 6 PDF are also available.

In summary, the understanding of ratio and proportion class 6 questions is vital for mathematical growth. With our interactive and engaging materials, students can have a fun and rewarding experience mastering this critical subject. Try our unique worksheets and discover a new and enjoyable way to learn ratio and proportion!

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