NCERT Class 7 Chapter 7 English Worksheet with Answer - PDF

Premium NCERT Class 7 Chapter 7 English Worksheet with Answer - PDF
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Unlock your child's academic potential with our treasure trove of Class 7 English worksheets! If you're specifically focused on Class 7 chapter 7 English, we have an array of valuable resources for you. Our worksheets, including The Invention of Vita Wonk class 7 worksheet and Dad and the Cat and the Tree class 7 worksheet, are expertly crafted to enrich your child's learning experience. What makes our worksheets stand out? Well, they come complete with answers! Yes, you read that right. We offer The Invention of Vita Wonk worksheet with answer and Dad and the Cat and the Tree worksheet with answer, to make learning easy and efficient for both students and educators.

But that's not all. Our worksheets also cover the intriguing story of the Garden Snake, offering the Garden Snake class 7 worksheet with answer for a well-rounded learning session. Created to align perfectly with the NCERT curriculum, our Class 7 chapter 7 English worksheet meets the highest educational standards, ensuring your child is well-prepared for their academic journey.

From the scientific wonders of Vita Wonk to the humorous escapades in Dad and the Cat and the Tree, and the fascinating lessons from Garden Snake, our Class 7 English worksheets offer something for everyone. So don't miss out on boosting your child's English proficiency. Opt for our NCERT class 7 chapter 7 English worksheets and set the foundation for academic excellence today!

  1. The Invention of Vita Wonk Class 7 Worksheet with Answer:

Is your child fascinated by science and inventions? Our Invention of Vita Wonk class 7 worksheet with answer is the perfect way to fuel that interest. Designed to match the Class 7 English curriculum, this worksheet covers all aspects of the story. From comprehension to vocabulary, we've got it covered. And we know how busy parents and teachers are, so we also provide detailed answers. You can easily download these resources from our notes page to make learning effortless and fun.

  1. Dad and the Cat and the Tree Class 7 Worksheet with Answer:

If you're looking for resources to help your child appreciate humor and family dynamics, our Dad and the Cat and the Tree class 7 worksheet is just what you need. Our worksheets cover a wide range of questions aimed to enhance reading and comprehension skills. Best of all, we offer complete solutions with our worksheets, making it convenient for parents and teachers to offer guidance. These valuable resources are available for download from our notes page.

  1. Garden Snake Class 7 Worksheet with Answer:

The Garden Snake story is a wonderful way to introduce your child to nature and its intriguing characters. Our Garden Snake class 7 worksheet with answer is designed to make this educational experience even more enriching. Created to match Class 7 English NCERT guidelines, the worksheet covers various question types that help in improving language skills and comprehension. And for added convenience, answers are provided so that learning is a smooth experience for everyone involved. These worksheets can be easily downloaded from our notes page for quick access.

Garden Snake Poem class 7 summary

In the poem "Garden Snake" by Muriel L Sonne, the speaker talks about an incident that happened when he was a child. He sees a snake in the garden and gets scared. He runs away thinking that it might be dangerous. The poem talks about how misconceptions can mislead a person. The speaker's mother tells him that the garden snake is harmless and good. It eats insects around the place, thereby protecting them from transmitting diseases. The speaker realises his mistake and allows the snake to pass by. He realises that no creature can cause harm unless it is disturbed or attacked. The speaker emphasises on co-existing peacefully with all creations

Dad and the Cat and the Tree summary

The poem 'Dad and the Cat and the Tree' is written by 'Kit Wright', an eminent British writer. The poem is divided into 14 quatrain-style stanzas. The poem tells the story of a day in the garden when a child notices an innocent cat trapped on a tree.
The above-mentioned issue serves as an introduction. The situation prompted the child's father to take action in rescuing the cat from the tree. The poem's subsequent lines are supposed to provide a solution to this dilemma. The poem's central character is the child's father.

 Despite his wife's concerns, the child's father continued his attempts. Even after falling twice while attempting to climb the tree, he held his confidence.

 To begin, the child's father tried to climb the tree using a ladder. Second, he swung himself on a branch of the tree, but it broke. After trying these two attempts, he collapsed on the ground. Finally, he was able to reach the tree by climbing up the garden wall.

 Despite the fact that he was successful in his third attempt, he was put at risk since the cat had safely dropped to the ground, but the kid's father remained trapped in the cat's place. The plot of the poem was fulfilled by his attempts to save an abandoned cat from a tree. The poem comes to a hilarious conclusion with a comedic climax.

 The father of the child did not make a good plan or heed to his wife's counsel, which put him in difficulties. The poem instills a sense of anticipation in the child's father's efforts to address the situation.

The Invention of Vita-Wonk Summary

''The Invention of Vita Wonk" by Roald Dahl is an excerpt taken from the novel "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator". The lesson is a fun filled incident that happens in the life of Willy Wonka and Charlie. They get into orbit accidentally, where they face dangerous aliens called Knids. They also have to save the astronauts who are stuck there.

When Charlie's grandparents refuse to move because of their old age, Willy Wonka gives them a potion named Wonka-Vite, which reduces their age, to the extent that it turns into minus. The entire lesson then focuses on how they try to bring back their grandparents. Wonka collects a variety of items from all things old, especially from trees, since trees are the longest living thing in the world. He then proceeds to collect various other things from various people and animals. He tests it on the Oompa-Loompa volunteers, which yields results. He makes Vita-Wonk, which proves as an antidote and finally brings the grandparents back.

  1. The Invention of Vita Wonk Question Answer

Spark your child's curiosity in science with our Invention of Vita Wonk question-answer resources. These questions are designed to dig deep into the story, fostering comprehension and analytical skills in your Class 7 student. What's even better? We've included answers for easy guidance. For hassle-free access, you can download the complete set of The Invention of Vita Wonk question-answer directly from our notes section. Provide your child with the tools they need for academic growth today.

  1. Garden Snake Class 7 Question Answer

If your child is intrigued by nature and its mysteries, then our Garden Snake Class 7 question-answer set is perfect for them. The questions are formulated to enhance comprehension and develop language skills. Plus, we include answers for easier understanding and revision. Conveniently, these question-answer resources are available for download from our notes section. Equip your child with this enriching educational material and watch their understanding bloom.

  1. Dad and the Cat and the Tree Question Answer

Dive into the world of family and humor with our Dad and the Cat and the Tree question-answer set. The questions are thoughtfully crafted to improve your child's reading and comprehension skills. Don't worry about searching for the correct answers; we provide those too. For easy access, you can download the entire question-answer set from our notes section. This resource offers a complete package for learning, understanding, and enjoying this entertaining story.

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