Cash Flow Statement Class 12: 100 Questions With Solutions Including MCQs

Cash Flow Statement Class 12: 100 Questions With Solutions Including MCQs
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The Cash Flow Statement is a pivotal topic in Class 12 accounting, offering a detailed look into the inflows and outflows of cash within a company. This statement is essential for understanding the liquidity and financial flexibility of a business, making it a key area of study for Class 12 students.

Understanding the Cash Flow Statement

  1. What is a Cash Flow Statement?

    • A Cash Flow Statement is a financial report that provides a summary of cash transactions in a business over a specific period. It shows how changes in the balance sheet accounts and income affect cash and cash equivalents, dividing activities into operating, investing, and financing activities.
  2. Why is the Cash Flow Statement Important in Class 12?

    • For Class 12 students, understanding the cash flow statement is crucial for grasping how businesses manage their cash resources. It helps in analyzing the company's ability to generate cash and use it effectively.

Cash Flow Statement Format

  • Operating Activities: This section includes transactions related to the business's core operations, such as cash receipts from sales and cash payments for expenses.
  • Investing Activities: This part records transactions related to the acquisition and disposal of long-term assets, like property and equipment.
  • Financing Activities: This section includes transactions related to changes in equity and borrowings, like issuing shares or paying dividends.

Indirect Method in Cash Flow Statement

  • The indirect method is commonly used in preparing cash flow statements. It starts with net income and adjusts for non-cash transactions and changes in working capital components.

Resources for Learning: DK Goel Solutions

  • DK Goel Class 12 Solutions: These solutions provide comprehensive guidance for understanding and preparing cash flow statements. They include detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions to various problems.

Cash Flow Statement Problems and Solutions

  • Class 12 Cash Flow Statement Solutions: These are essential for students to practice and understand the application of concepts. They include a variety of questions with solutions, helping students prepare for exams.
  • Questions and Answers: Tackling different types of questions enhances understanding and application skills.
  • PDF Resources: Many educational websites offer cash flow statement questions with solutions in PDF format, providing additional practice material for students.

Cash Flow Statement in Practical Scenarios

  • In real-world business, the cash flow statement is crucial for assessing a company's financial health, particularly its ability to generate cash to fund its operations, pay debts, and make investments.


For Class 12 students, mastering the cash flow statement is not just about excelling in exams but also about gaining a deeper understanding of how businesses operate financially. With resources like the DK Goel Class 12 solutions and various practice questions and answers, students can effectively prepare for their board exams and build a strong foundation for future studies in finance and accounting. Understanding the cash flow statement format and its practical applications in real-life business scenarios is essential for anyone aspiring to a career in finance.

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