Bones and muscles for grade 2 | CBSE Class 2 worksheet

Premium Bones and muscles for grade 2 | CBSE Class 2 worksheet
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Bones and muscles for grade 2 | CBSE Class 2 worksheet

´╗┐Bones and muscles for grade 2. Download Bones and muscles worksheet for grade 2 CBSE based on the latest syllabus including fill in the blanks, questions on joints, muscles, bones, questions and answer, human skeleton etc. 

 All about Bones and Muscles  for grade 2

Some parts of our body are soft while some others are hard. The soft parts are called muscles. The hard part is called bones. 

What is a skeleton?

Our body has a framework of bones called the skeleton. Skeleton gives shapes and support to our body. More than 200 bones form the human skeleton. Bones are hard and stiff. The place where two or more bones join together is called a joint. 

What are muscles?

Muscles are soft and our bones are covered with muscles. There are more than 600 muscles in our body

What is posture?

The position of our body when we stand, sit or walk is called posture. 

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