NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 1 Wake Up! Worksheet

NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 1 Wake Up! Worksheet
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In C. Fletcher's enchanting poem, "Wake up!", the reader is beckoned into a world brimming with the beauty and promise of a new day. With irresistible imagery, the poet paints a vivid picture of nature's symphony, as birds serenade from the trees and bees hum with joy. As the morning sun awakens the farm, the call to action becomes irresistible - just like the cow, horses, ducks, and sheep, we too are encouraged to shed our slumber and embrace the boundless opportunities that await us. So, with the poet's gentle urging, let us rise and greet the day with open arms, ready to dive into life's vibrant playground.

Overview of Marigold Class 4 English Unit 1 Chapter 1: Wake Up! Poem

The Marigold Class 4 English Unit 1 Chapter 1 revolves around the poem "Wake Up!" by C. Fletcher. This chapter aims to engage students with vivid imagery and poetic language while exploring the themes of nature, awakenings, and playfulness.

Learning Objectives of the Chapter

The primary learning objectives of this chapter include:

  • Understanding and analyzing the poem "Wake Up!"
  • Exploring the use of descriptive language and imagery in poetry
  • Learning about the importance of nature and play in daily life
  • Enhancing vocabulary through exposure to key concepts in the poem

Summary of the Poem Wake Up

"Wake Up!" by C. Fletcher is a charming poem that captures the essence of a beautiful day, encouraging readers to embrace the wonders of nature and the joy of playful activities. The poem vividly describes the sights and sounds of a morning filled with birds singing, bees buzzing, and farm animals awakening. Through its lively verses, the poem inspires readers to rise with the sun and immerse themselves in the magic of the world around them.

Key Concepts and Vocabulary

Key concepts explored in the poem "Wake Up!" include:

  • Nature's beauty and vitality
  • The importance of embracing each day with enthusiasm
  • The connection between humans, animals, and the natural world
  • Vocabulary related to morning activities, animals, and nature

Class 4 English Wake Up Poem Worksheet

The Class 4 English Wake Up Poem Worksheet is designed to help students engage with the poem on a deeper level. It may include activities such as:

  • Comprehension questions
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Descriptive writing prompts
  • Drawing or illustrating scenes from the poem

Class 4 English Chapter 1 Wake Up MCQs Questions

The Class 4 English Chapter 1 Wake Up MCQs Questions are multiple-choice questions that test students' understanding of the poem, its themes, and key vocabulary. These questions aim to assess comprehension and analytical skills.

Class 4 English Chapter 1 Wake Up Extra Questions

The Class 4 English Chapter 1 Wake Up Extra Questions provide additional opportunities for students to explore the poem "Wake Up!" in more depth. These questions may focus on interpretation, analysis, and personal reflection on the themes presented in the poem.

Additional Resources for Further Learning

For further learning and enrichment, students can explore additional resources such as:

  • Nature Walk Activities: Encouraging students to observe and appreciate nature around them
  • Create Your Own Poem: Inspiring students to write their own poems about mornings or nature
  • Online Poetry Workshops: Participating in virtual workshops to enhance poetic skills
  • Interactive Storytelling Sessions: Engaging with narratives related to nature and animals


In conclusion, Marigold Class 4 English Unit 1 Chapter 1: Wake Up! Poem offers students a delightful journey through the magic of language and nature. Through the enchanting verses of the poem, students are encouraged to wake up to the wonders of each new day, celebrating the beauty of life and the joy of playful exploration. By engaging with the themes, vocabulary, and activities in this chapter, students not only enhance their language skills but also develop a deeper appreciation for the world that surrounds them.

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