Fun and Engaging Worksheet on The Uses of Water for Nursery Students

Premium Fun and Engaging Worksheet on The Uses of Water for Nursery Students
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With this fun and interactive worksheet, you can help your nursery class students engage with their learning while discovering the uses of water. From washing dishes to playing in the pool, they’ll find out how important water is and how we use it every day.

Identify common uses of water - Worksheet for Nursery class

With this worksheet, your students will be able to identify some of the common uses of water. From brushing teeth and washing clothes to extinguishing fires and keeping plants alive, they’ll learn how people use water in their everyday lives. They’ll also gain important knowledge about saving and conserving water.

This worksheet will help your nursery students identify common uses of water. From drinking to bathing, they'll understand why this vital resource is a major part of our lives and the myriad of ways it can be used. They'll also explore the environment and learn about how we use water to sustain plants and other wildlife.

Identify ways to save water
Show your nursery students some simple ways to save water such as turning off the tap while brushing their teeth, not letting the water run when washing dishes, and taking short showers instead of long baths. You can also remind them that recycling greywater or using rain barrels are great ways to conserve water. Make sure they understand that by saving water, they're doing their part in helping the environment!

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