Question Tags -Definition And Example For Question Tag

Question Tags -Definition And Example For Question Tag
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Question tag

What is a Question Tag?

A question tag is a grammatical structure where a short question is asked to express interest rather than seek information.

examples of question Tag are:
1. Sunil loves to ride his horse, doesn’t he?
2. Radha doesn’t want to participate in the competition, does she?
Gauri and Ketan have not met Grandmother yet, have they?
3. Children find games amusing, don’t they?
The phrases doesn’t he, does she, have they and don’t they are question tags.

Question Tags – Pattern

For positive statements: Question tag = Auxiliary + n’t + Subject
The guests have come, haven’t they? Puja bought this dress, didn’t she?

For negative statements: Question tag = Auxiliary + Subject
The guests haven’t come yet, have they?
Puja didn’t buy this dress, did she?

How to Form Question Tags?

1. Rewrite the sentence replacing the full-stop with a comma (,).
2. Change the verb in the sentence to its contracted form for negative tagging.
3. Add the appropriate verb for positive tagging.
4. Add the appropriate pronoun after the verb/contraction.
5. Add a question mark (?) to finish.

Examples:  question tags examples with answers
1. He is a librarian, isn’t he?
2. She is not coming, is she?
3. Dorothy called you several times, didn’t she?
4. They couldn’t hear me, could they?
5. I am the greatest, aren’t I?
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