Notice Writing For Class 6 - Format And Examples (PDF)

Notice Writing For Class 6 - Format And Examples (PDF)
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English composition and comprehension in CBSE Class 6 English are crucial skills that help students express ideas clearly and understand texts. Class 6 composition involves creating engaging essays and stories, honing students' creativity and grammar.

Comprehension, on the other hand, focuses on reading and understanding various texts, enhancing vocabulary and reading skills. Notice writing is a key component in Class 6 English. It teaches students to craft concise and informative notices, an essential communication skill. A well-written notice includes the title, date, body, and authority, presenting all necessary details like event dates and venues clearly.

For practice, notice writing for Class 6 worksheets are extremely helpful. These worksheets provide scenarios for students to apply their skills in creating effective notices. This combination of composition, comprehension, and notice writing equips Class 6 students with the foundational skills needed for academic success and effective communication.


A notice is a kind of an advertisement aimed at informing people about some upcoming event or new openings. They may include announcements about extracurricular activities at schools or public events like discount sales or social service camps.
The main purpose of a notice is to grasp the attention of the masses and encourage them to participate in the event described. It should carry all the relevant information to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the minds of the readers.

Notice Writing Format


(Heading of the Notice)

Place (Name of the organisation issuing the notice)


Details of the Event:

(Here describe the event and mention all the relevant details pertaining to it)

Contact Details Name and

Designation (of the person issuing the notice)

Tips for Writing a Notice:

    The sentences in the body should be short and easy to understand. They should be easy to absorb in the passing.

    Ensure that basic information like contact details and the detail of the event are listed accurately.

    The heading should be self-explanatory and crisp at the same time.

    Suitable decorative templates could be used to grasp the attention of the readers; however, these templates should not be allowed to interfere with the content of the notice.

      Attempt to make the reader feel involved by using personal pronouns like ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘us’.

      Hard and fast grammatical rules do not apply to notices. You could use capital letters in the middle of sentences to highlight words. Underlining and use of short phrases are also accepted.

      Notice writing topics for class 6:

      Notice writing for Class 6 involves creating short, formal announcements about various events or information. Here are some engaging topics suitable for Class 6 students to practice notice writing:

      1. 1. School Science Fair Announcement: Write a notice inviting entries for a science fair, detailing the date, time, and criteria for participation.

      2. 2. Lost and Found Notice: Create a notice about a lost school library book or a found water bottle, with descriptions and where to return or claim them.

      3. 3. Sports Day Event: Announce the upcoming Sports Day, mentioning events, registration details, and any special instructions.

      4. 4. Health Camp at School: Inform students about a health check-up camp being organized in the school, including the date, time, and the importance of attending.

      5. 5. Environment Club Meeting: Write a notice for a meeting of the Environment Club, discussing the agenda, date, and time of the meeting.

      6. 6. Tree Plantation Drive: Invite students to participate in a tree plantation drive, providing details on date, time, and the significance of the event.

      7. 7. Book Fair in School: Announce a book fair, highlighting the dates, timings, and any special attractions or offers.

      8. 8. Holiday Announcement: Write a notice about an upcoming school holiday, mentioning the date and reason for the holiday.

      9. 9. Parent-Teacher Meeting: Announce a parent-teacher meeting, specifying the date, time, and objectives of the meeting.

      10. 10. Cultural Fest Celebration: Invite students to participate in a cultural fest, detailing the events, participation rules, and date of the fest.

        Notice writing examples:



      M.M High School, Mumbai

      5th January 2024

      The interschool drawing competition will be held on the 3rd of January 2024. All are requested to carry their own colours. Water colours have to be used for all geometric drawings and oil pastel colours for sceneries.

      Students are also requested to carry along their enrolment slips.

      Mrs Rupali Mehta 




      Jai Hind High School, Delhi
      1st December 2023

      The nature club is organising a four-day trip to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary in January.
      The buses for the trip will leave the school on the 12th of January 2024 at 6.30 am sharp and will return on the 16th of January 2024 at 7.00 pm under the supervision of a staff of 10 members.
      Registration for the same can be done with Miss Komal Sharma (in charge of the nature club) by 10th January 2024 along with Rs 3,000 as a fee amount

      Dr. Ranjana Chaudary

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