Quick Revision Guide - All About Force & Pressure Class 8

Premium Quick Revision Guide - All About Force & Pressure Class 8
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Are you struggling to understand the concepts of Force and Pressure in your Class 8 Science class? From what pressure is to the types of forces, this comprehensive yet concise revision guide will help you get a better grasp on each topic. Perfect for exam preparation!

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Understand what force is and the different types of forces.

Force is a push or pull exerted on an object due to its interaction with another object. The most common types of forces are contact forces and non-contact forces. Contact forces involve physical interactions between objects, such as friction and tension, while non-contact forces act through external fields, such as gravity and electrostatic force.
Force can be further classified into balanced and unbalanced forces. Balanced forces act on an object in equal magnitude but opposite direction and, as a result, the object will remain at rest or continue to move in a straight line with constant velocity. Unbalanced forces, on the other hand, cause a change in a body’s movement meaning that it accelerates or decelerates depending on the direction of the force relative to the body’s motion. Pressure is another important concept related to force and class 8 students should understand how to calculate pressure and determine the factors that affect it.
Students need to know that pressure is the force over a given area and its unit is Newton/meter2. They should also be familiar with Pascal’s Principle which states that when one increases the pressure at any point in a confined fluid, the increased pressure transmits undiminished to every other point within the same confined space. Examples of areas where this principle comes in useful are hydraulics and aircraft fuselages. Through studying force and pressure, class 8 students should be able to distinguish between different types of forces as well as calculate pressure given by an object or object on a surface.
A force can be defined as an action or process which changes or tends to change the motion, position or shape of a body. Generally all forces have both magnitude and direction. Whenever two bodies interact with one another, they exert a force on each other. Different types of forces include contact forces (such as friction), non-contact forces (such as gravitation) and electrostatic forces (like electric charge). Forces always generate pressure which is the ratio of force to area, measured in N/m2 (Newtons per square meter). Thus learning more about these topics would aid class 8 students in furthering their understanding on these concepts.

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