NCERT Class 7 Chapter 6 Worksheet with Answer - PDF

NCERT Class 7 Chapter 6 Worksheet with Answer - PDF
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Looking for top-notch resources to help your child excel in Class 7 English? You've come to the right place! Our Expert Detectives class 7 worksheet and Mystery of the Talking Fan class 7 worksheet are packed with engaging exercises and questions. What's more? They come with answers too, making it easy for parents and teachers to guide students through their learning journey. So, no more worries about checking solutions, we have it all sorted with our Expert Detectives class 7 worksheet with answer and Mystery of the Talking Fan class 7 worksheet with answer.

We focus on Class 7 chapter 6 English, a pivotal chapter that piques the curiosity and imagination of young minds. Our Class 7 ch 6 English worksheets are specially designed to align with the NCERT curriculum, ensuring your child gets the best educational experience. But we don't just stop at worksheets. We offer complete resources for Class 7 chapter 6 English worksheet with answer, making it hassle-free for both students and educators to track progress and understand the material.

Don't miss out on empowering your child's English skills. Whether it's solving the intriguing cases in Expert Detectives or unraveling the Mystery of the Talking Fan, our Class 7 English resources make learning an adventure. Choose the best, choose us for NCERT class 7 chapter 6 English and much more!

  1. Expert Detectives Class 7 Worksheet with Answer

When it comes to sparking curiosity and enhancing analytical skills, our Expert Detectives class 7 worksheet with answer does the job perfectly. This resource is designed to fit seamlessly into the Class 7 English curriculum. Your child will get to delve into interesting scenarios, gather clues, and make deductions. The best part? All worksheets come with detailed answers. This means parents and teachers can easily assist students in grasping the key concepts, making homework time a breeze. Trust our worksheets to provide an educational experience that is both fun and fruitful.

  1. Mystery of the Talking Fan Class 7 Poem Worksheet with Answer
  1. Captivate your child's imagination with our Mystery of the Talking Fan class 7 worksheet with answer. This unique resource focuses on unraveling a talking fan's mystery, teaching students valuable lessons in observation and logical reasoning. Specially created for Class 7 students, this worksheet matches the NCERT guidelines, making it an excellent educational tool. And don't worry about figuring out if your child got the answers right; we've included the solutions too! So parents and teachers can effortlessly guide students through the mystery and into deeper understanding.

  2. expert detectives class 7 summary
  3. Expert Detectives" is an extract taken from Sharada Dwivedi's children's novel "The Broken Flute". Maya and Nishad are siblings aged 10 and 7, respectively. The story deals with their quest in finding out the real identity of a man called Mr Nath.

    The story begins with the siblings walking towards their mother's clinic. As they walked, they began talking about Mr Nath. He had been living at Shankar House for over a year and had hardly made any friends. He was unfriendly, kids at the Shankar House were terrified of him, and more importantly, he had some burn scars, which Maya believed were caused by an encounter with the police. Maya is suspicious of Mr Nath and believes that he is a crook. However, Nishad thinks that the man is poor and lonely. Nevertheless, they decide to play the part of detectives and investigate the matter.

    Nishad strikes a conversation with Ramesh, a restaurant worker who delivers food to Mr Nath. Through him, Nishad learns that Mr Nath always takes only two meals a day, and the menu was always the same- chapatti, vegetable, and dal. He then pays his bill immediately and tips generously. Moreover, Mr Nath has a visitor during most of the Sundays. He was a tall, fat, fair, spectacled, and talkative man, whom Maya believes was an accomplice.


    Later, Maya lists out nine known facts about Mr Nath on a paper with "Catching a Crook" as its title. Eventually, Nishad and Maya get into an argument due to the difference in their opinions. Though Maya began the investigation intending to expose Mr Nath's identity, Nishad only went along because he wanted to understand why Mr Nath looked poor and lonely. He also decided to befriend Mr Nath because he liked him and had felt sorry for him. As the siblings have irritated each other through their adamant beliefs, the lesson ends with Nishad walking out of the room, leaving Maya with her list of facts. 

     mystery of the talking fan poem summary

    The poem "Mystery of the Talking Fan" is written by Maude Rubin. It deals with the speaker wondering about a ceiling fan in the room. The fan makes a lot of noise. The speaker refers to the fan as a human being and addresses it as "he". The noise is referred to as an electrical chatter. The speaker is curious as to what the fan is trying to convey. He assumes that the noise is the fan's way of communicating its emotions. It remains a mystery to the speaker. But one day, someone pours some oil into the motor of the fan. Oil makes the fan less squeaky. It runs as still as water. The speaker is worried that he will never know what the fan was trying to say. He is disappointed that he will never unravel the mystery of the talking fan.

    1. Expert Detectives Question Answer

    If you're keen on giving your child a thorough understanding of "Expert Detectives," look no further. Our question-answer resources are exactly what you need to dig deep into this intriguing Class 7 chapter. The questions are designed to challenge young minds and improve comprehension skills. To make things easier for parents and teachers, we provide all the answers too. Guess what? You can download the full set of Expert Detectives question answer directly from our notes page. So equip your child with the resources they need for academic success.

    1. Mystery of the Talking Fan Question Answer

    Unraveling the enigma of the talking fan has never been more exciting! Our question-answer section for the "Mystery of the Talking Fan" covers every aspect of this captivating story. Designed to enhance a student's analytical and comprehension abilities, these questions will encourage your child to think critically and pay attention to details. To ease the process for students, parents, and teachers, the answers are also available for review. You can download the entire Mystery of the Talking Fan question answer set from our notes page, making learning and teaching a smooth experience.

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