Printable Life in the Deserts Class 7 Worksheet With Answer

Premium Printable Life in the Deserts Class 7 Worksheet With Answer
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Class 7 Life In The Deserts worksheet with Answers including MCQs 

Are you a student, teacher, or parent looking for invaluable resources on "Life in the Deserts" for Class 7? Well, you've landed on the right spot! Our comprehensive Class 7 Life in the Deserts resources are tailor-made to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in this chapter. Whether you're looking for Life in the Deserts Class 7 worksheet with answer, Class 7 Life in the Deserts MCQ with answer, or even a downloadable Life in the Deserts Class 7 notes PDF, we've got you covered. These resources are designed to make the topic not only easier to understand but also engaging and interactive.

Teachers looking to evaluate their students can take advantage of our Life in the Deserts Class 7 question answer sets, perfectly aligned with the curriculum. We also offer a broad array of Class 7 chapter 7 geography worksheets that make learning about deserts both exciting and educational. These worksheets are more than just questions and answers; they are a journey through the diverse landscapes, cultures, and ecosystems that deserts offer. Geography Class 7 Chapter 7 will no longer be a subject of dread but a topic of fascination. Click here to download life in the deserts class 7 Notes

The Class 7 ch 7 geography resources we offer are based on a holistic learning approach, which helps in grasping the complex interactions between humans and their arid surroundings. With topics that cover everything from the Sahara to the cold deserts of Ladakh, there's something for every young geographer to explore. So why wait? Dive into our enriching resources and embark on an educational journey through the world's deserts today!

Life In The Deserts class 7

Understanding Deserts: Class 7 Geography Chapter 7

Types of Deserts

In Class 7 Geography Chapter 7, we learn that deserts are places with very little rainfall and extreme temperatures. Depending on the climate, they can be hot like the Sahara or cold like Ladakh. These areas have limited plant life because of harsh conditions.

Sahara: The Hot Desert


The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world, covering 11 countries in Africa, like Egypt, Sudan, and Morocco. This region is three times the size of India!

Once a Green Land

Did you know the Sahara wasn't always a desert? Long ago, it was a green area with animals like elephants and lions. But climate changes turned it into a desert.


An oasis is like a tiny island of green in the desert, usually with date palms. Here, water is available, allowing people to grow some crops. Some oases are large, like the Tafilalet Oasis in Morocco.


The Sahara has extreme temperatures. Days can get hotter than 50°C, and nights can be freezing. The rate of evaporation is high due to the scorching heat.

Life in Sahara

Flora and Fauna

In hot deserts like the Sahara, you'll find palms, dates, and cactus plants. Animals like camels and foxes also live here, usually near oases.


People like the Bedouins and Tuaregs live here, often near water sources. They rear animals like goats and camels. They also trade salt and work in cities, especially in oil and gas industries.

Ladakh: The Cold Desert


Ladakh is located in the Great Himalayas and is part of Jammu and Kashmir. Its capital is Leh.


Ladakh is extremely cold and dry due to its high altitude. Temperatures can drop to -30°C or even -40°C in winter. It receives very little rainfall, less than 10 cm per year.

Life in Ladakh

Flora and Fauna

Plants like willows and poplars are common here, and animals like wild goats and yaks can be found. The Tibetan antelope, known for its wool called shahtoosh, is an endangered species here.


People in Ladakh are mainly Muslims or Buddhists. They grow crops like barley and potatoes and are known for their hard work. Tourism is a big industry in Ladakh, and many tourists visit to see its beautiful landscapes.

  1. Life in the Deserts Worksheet with Answer

    Worksheets are fantastic tools to enhance your understanding of Class 7 Geography Chapter 7. These worksheets usually include fill-in-the-blanks, short questions, and map work related to life in deserts. With the provided answer keys, you can easily self-evaluate and identify areas where you need improvement. The worksheet with answers makes learning about the Sahara and Ladakh deserts interactive and engaging.

  2. Life in the Deserts MCQ with Answer

     Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are a quick and effective way to test your grasp on the chapter. These questions focus on key points like types of deserts, climate conditions, and the lifestyle of people living in these arid regions. MCQs with answers are particularly useful for revision and are often a part of exams, helping you prepare in the best way possible.

  3. Life in the Deserts Notes PDF

    Having a well-structured PDF of notes can be your go-to guide for quick revision. These notes cover all important aspects such as climate, flora and fauna, and human adaptation in deserts. Available in a downloadable format, these PDF notes are concise yet comprehensive, providing all the essential information at your fingertips.

  4. Life in the Deserts Extra Questions Answer: Apart from the regular MCQs and short questions, extra questions delve deeper into the chapter. They cover additional facts and intricate details about the Sahara and Ladakh, challenging your understanding of the topic. Answers to these extra questions offer a thorough explanation, allowing you to explore the subject beyond the textbook, making your learning experience more enriching.

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