Reproduction in Animals class 4 worksheet

Reproduction in Animals class 4 worksheet
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Reproduction in Animals class 4 worksheet (Points to remember)

Albumen is a white, watery substance in an egg that surrounds the york.

An embryo is a growing baby inside the egg.

Hatching is the process in which baby birds break open the eggshell and come out.

Incubation is the process in which birds sit on their eggs

Life cycle is the sequence of development that takes place in an animal, from the embryo to the adult stage.

Lifespan is the time period for which a living being lives.

Mammals are the animals that give birth to young ones and feed them with food.

Marsupials are the animals that carry their young ones in their pouch.

Metamorphosis is the complete transformation from young stage to the adult stage.

Moulting is the process of shedding old skin.

Reproduction is the process by which living organisms produce more of their kind.

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