Force, Work and Energy Worksheet for Class 4

Premium Force, Work and Energy Worksheet for Class 4
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Are your 4th grade students learning about force, work and energy? This worksheet covers the basics of this concept in a way that's both fun and easy to understand. With exercises like filling in the blanks, sorting items into categories, and writing summaries of key concepts, this worksheet is perfect for getting them comfortable with this lesson.

Solve word problems involving force, work and energy calculations given specific parameters & scenarios.
Word problems are an excellent opportunity to practice applying concepts of force, work, and energy in a real-world context. In this activity, students must use the given parameters, such as mass and distance, to calculate values for work and energy. Students can then think critically to determine the forces needed to complete the task. This is an engaging way to wrap up a lesson on these topics!

Force, work and energy class 4  I Worksheets and Printable

Energy is the ability to do work

´╗┐Force is a push or pull

Friction is a force that acts on an object to slow down.

Gravitational force is the force with which the Earth pulls things towards its centre.

Simple machines are the tools that make our work easier. 

´╗┐Work is said to be done when an object moves some distance as a result of a force acting on it.

Download force, work and energy class 4 pdf worksheets also called as work, force and energy including questions simple machines, lever, types of simple machines and types of forces for class 4.

What is force class 4

Force and work are related concepts in physics. Force is a push or pull on an object that changes its velocity, or causes it to start moving if it was at rest. Work is the amount of energy transferred to or from an object by a force. Work is calculated as the force applied to an object multiplied by the distance over which the force is applied, W = Fd. Energy is a property of objects or systems that can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed. Work done on an object results in an increase in its energy, while work done by an object results in a decrease in its energy.

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