Respiration in organisms class 7 | worksheet

Premium Respiration in organisms class 7 | worksheet
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Respiration in organisms class 7 | worksheet

Respiration in organisms class. Download Respiration in organisms class 7 CBSE worksheet based on the latest syllabus including MCQ questions, diagram-based questions, long questions, define, and more.

Points to remember | what is respiration class 7 meaning and information regarding the chapter.

The air we breathe in is transported to all parts of the body and ultimately to each cell. In the cells, oxygen in the air helps in the breakdown of food. The process

of breakdown of food in the cell with the release of energy is called cellular respiration. Cellular respiration takes place in the cells of all organisms.


 In the cell, the food (glucose) is broken down into carbon dioxide and water using oxygen. When the breakdown of glucose occurs with the use of oxygen it is called aerobic respiration Food can also be broken down, without using oxygen. This is called anaerobic respiration. Breakdown of food releases energy


Did you know Yeasts are single-celled organisms? They respire anaerobically and during this process yield alcohol. They are, therefore, used to make wine and beer.


Have you ever wondered why you get muscle cramps after heavy exercise?

The cramps occur when muscle cells respire anaerobically. The partial breakdown of glucose produces lactic acid. The accumulation of lactic acid causes muscle cramps. We get relief from cramps after a hot water bath or a massage.


Breathing means taking in air rich in oxygen and giving out air rich in carbon dioxide with the help of respiratory organs. The taking in of air rich in oxygen into the body is called inhalation and giving out of air rich in carbon dioxide is known as exhalation.


Alveoli are tiny air sacs at the end of the bronchioles.

Breathing is the process of taking in oxygen-rich air and giving out carbon dioxide.

Breathing rate is the number of times the air is inhaled or exhaled in one minute.

Cellular respiration means the release of energy by oxidation of food within the cell

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