Halves and Quarters class 4 worksheets

Premium Halves and Quarters class 4 worksheets
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Halves and Quarters class 4 worksheets

Halves and Quarters class 4 worksheets based on the latest CBSE Concepts including word problems on fractions for class 4. This halves and quarters worksheet class 4 will help the students to understand about fraction concept. There is a total of 7 worksheets in the first worksheet concept of the half, quarter, and concept of what is numerator and denominator are explained. Students have to Colour one part of each of the following, write the numerator and denominator, Colour two parts and write the fraction, Colour three parts and write the fraction. In the second worksheet Shade, the given figures according to the fractions-based question is given, after that fill in the blanks on fraction, and comparing of fractions based questions are added. In the next worksheet, questions are based on equivalent fractions and more. In the next worksheet Show the following fraction in one whole and in collection question is given along with one solved example. In the last worksheet word problem on halves and quarters is asked.

Topic - Halves and quarters class 4 

Book - Math magic for class 4 

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