Animals Around Us class 1 worksheets with answers

Premium Animals Around Us class 1 worksheets with answers
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Animals Around Us Class 1 | worksheets for class 1 including answers

Animals around us class 1 worksheets from EVS book including animals around us questions and answers, what are pet animals for class 1, what are domestic animals for class 1, five types of animals, MCQ on animals around us and more. Animals around us for class 1 worksheets with answers include questions on identifying types of animals, questions and answers on animals around us for revision, There are 5 types of animals they are insects, water animals, amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals, types of animals are also divided into three groups they are wild animals, domestic animals and pet animals. apart from that animals around us class 1 MCQ Questions are also added for revision, followed by true and false.

Types of Animals

There are many types of animals in the Animal Kingdom 

Insects: These are small-sized animals. They have six legs. Some of them have wings to fly like mosquitoes, butterflies, houseflies, honeybees etc

Water Animals:  Some animals live in water. Thus, they are called water animals. e.g. fish, octopus, sea anemone, coral, sea horse etc

Amphibians: ‘Amphi' word means ‘both'. The animals who live both in water and on land are called amphibians. e.g. toad, frog, newt, salamander etc

Reptiles: Reptiles include turtles, tortoises, lizards, snakes, crocodiles, alligators etc. Most reptiles spend most of their time on land, but some spend a great deal of time in the water.

Birds: Birds are our flying friends. They have feathers on their body and have two wings to fly. They have a beak to eat food and no teeth.

Mammals: Mammals give birth to babies. They have hair on their bodies. Most mammals live on land. Only whales and dolphins live in the water.

Animals also can be grouped into three groups: wild, domestic and pet animals.

Wild Animals The animals who live in forests are known as wild animals e.g. lion, tiger, bear, giraffe, zebra, elephant etc

Domestic Animals Some animals are helpful to us. They are domestic animals. We keep them on a farm. Like cows, horses etc

Pet Animals:  Some animals are friendly. They live with us in our homes. They are known as pet animals example dog and cat

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