Worksheet on safety rules for class 1

Premium Worksheet on safety rules for class 1
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worksheet on safety rules for class 1

Download worksheet on safety rules for class 1 with answers including questions and answers on safety rules, MCQ on safety rules worksheet for class 1. safety rules for class 1 latest syllabus questions are included. Safety rules for class 1 worksheet consist of  4 pages including questions on identifying the safe and unsafe things, MCQ Type questions on safety rules, and Tick the safety rules which must be followed all the time. Complete the word, true and false questions, Identify the safety signs questions for class 1 students, and answer the following questions.

6 Safety rules on the Road
1. Go to the road or roadside always with an elder. 2. Do not run on the road. 3. Walk only on the footpath. 4. Cross the road only when the light is green. 5. Cross the road at the Zebra crossing. 6. While crossing or walking on the road, let an elder hold your hand.

5. Safety rules at home

1. Do not touch open sockets, electric wires, or a hot iron with wet hands. 2. Do not play with fire, matchsticks, or crackers. 3. Use objects like knives, scissors, blades under the supervision of an adult, never alone. 4. Don't eat anything given by a stranger. 5. Be obedient to your parents and other adults of your family. If you listen to them, you will avoid many accidents, you will be safe and secure.

4. Safety rules at School

1. Do not fight with your friends 2. Be obedient to your teachers. Follow your class and school rules. 3. Do not push anyone anywhere 4. Walk in a line inside the school building

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