Water animals worksheets - worksheets for Nursery

Water animals worksheets - worksheets for Nursery
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Circle the water animals | Water Animals worksheet for Nursery  | Water Animals worksheet with notes all you need to know 

A nursery EVS worksheet related to water animals can help students explore different aquatic creatures! It may include identification of the body parts and colors of various aquatic species, pictures of them to colour in, or even fun facts about them. Such a worksheet is a great way for young children to learn about the underwater world and the amazing animals that live there in an enjoyable fashion. Water animal 20 examples are given below so that you can understand various types of water animals.

 FAQ Questions based on water animals

Water animal with name

There are many water animals with different names, such as fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, otters, seals, etc.

Fish: salmon, tuna, clownfish, angel fish

Sharks: great white, tiger, bull, hammerhead

Whales: humpback, blue, killer, sperm

Dolphins: bottlenose, spotted, common, Pacific white-sided

Otters: sea otter, river otter, giant otter

Seals: harbor seal, grey seal, elephant seal

Octopus: giant pacific, common octopus

Crustaceans: crab, lobster, shrimp

Mollusks: squid, octopus, cuttlefish

Turtles: green sea, hawksbill, loggerhead, leatherback

Eels: Electric eel, moray eel

Jellyfish: Moon jellyfish, Lion's Mane jellyfish

Starfish: Bristle starfish, chocolate chip starfish

Coral: Brain coral, fire coral

The above are examples of name of some water animals


Which water animal has eight legs

The water animal that has eight legs is the octopus.

Which water animal can play games

Dolphins have been observed playing games, such as using seaweed and other objects to play keep-away with each other, and even playing with human divers. They are also known to enjoy playing with toys such as balls. Some researchers believe that the playful behavior of dolphins is a form of problem-solving and cognitive training


which water animal looks like a horse

Sea horse is a water animal which look like a horse


Water animals name in Hindi

Fish: मछली (machli)

Shark: सार्क (saark)

Whale: सागर मुस्लमान (saagar muslimaan)

Dolphin: समुद्री सुतिया (samudree sutiya)

Otter: नहरबाला (naharbaala)

Seal: सील (seel)

Octopus: अंडकोषी (andkoshi)

Lobster: केकड़ी (kekadi)

Squid: कटलीय मछली (katliya machli)

Eel: सोनमी मछली (sonami machli)

Jellyfish: समुद्री संकटक (samudree sankatak)

It's important to note that Hindi has many dialects and the names may vary depending on the region.




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