Printable Is Am Are Worksheets for Class 2 PDF Download

Premium Printable Is Am Are Worksheets for Class 2 PDF Download
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Mastering English auxiliaries "is," "am," and "are" has never been easier!

This collection of free printable worksheets is specifically designed for students in Class 2 to learn and practice these important language concepts. Download the PDF now, and get ready to master your English skills! - uses of is are am free printables.

English Grammar for class 2 - Use of "Is" "Am" "Are"

In English grammar, "is," "am," and "are" are forms of the verb "to be," which is used to indicate the state or condition of something. They are used in the present tense and help to form the simple present and present continuous tenses. Each one is used with different subjects:

  1. "Am" is used with the first person singular pronoun "I":

    • I am a student.
    • I am studying English.
  2. "Is" is used with third person singular pronouns "he," "she," "it" and singular nouns:

    • He is a teacher.
    • She is a doctor.
    • It is a cat.
    • The book is interesting.
  3. "Are" is used with the second person singular pronoun "you," first, second, and third person plural pronouns "we," "you," "they," and plural nouns:

    • You are my friend.
    • We are going to the park.
    • They are playing soccer.
    • The students are in the classroom.

When forming questions or negative statements in the present tense, "is," "am," and "are" can also be used with auxiliary verbs:

  1. Questions:

    • Am I late?
    • Is he your brother?
    • Are they coming to the party?
  2. Negative statements:

    • I am not a doctor.
    • She is not at home.
    • They are not ready.

Remember to use "is," "am," and "are" with the appropriate subjects to convey the correct meaning in your sentences.

Identify and Differentiate Between 'Is,' 'Am,' and 'Are.'

In this worksheet, you'll be asked to identify and differentiate between 'is,' 'am,' and 'are.' You can use the provided examples to practice correctly using each verb and understand when each one is used. Once you feel comfortable reading and writing ‘is,’ ‘am,’ and ‘are,’ start to practice with more complex sentences featuring them!

Start off by reading the sentences on the sheet and identifying uses of is am are. ’ Establishing this skill will help you to confidently read different sentences that contain these verbs. Then, look at some example sentences and identify what type of sentence each one is. Knowing this difference between singular, plural, and more complex sentence structures will aid in your accurate use of 'is,' 'am,' and 'are.' Once you feel comfortable with identifying these three verbs, try making your own examples featuring any given subject!
To get started, read the sentences out loud to practice hearing the difference between 'is,' 'am,' and 'are.' For example, “I am running in the park. She is walking her dog. They are playing softball.” Now, look at each sentence structure with its appropriate verb - your first sentence is a singular pronoun along with the verb ‘am,’ while the second sentence is a singular pronoun with the correct verb ‘is.’ Finally, you have a plural pronoun with the verb ‘are.’ As you progress, extend this practice by making your own sentences that use all three verbs correctly!
is am are, These worksheets will help the students to understand basic grammar knowledge. Effective self learning printable crafted by experts. Kids do you know how to use is am are sentences?
Below here is a table which will help you to understand is am are better.
Use of is, uses of is is given below in the table


SheIsIn the Park


Use of is sentences, here are few exampples of using is sentences
a. Is it raining?
b. The sun is shining brightly.
c. He is playing cricket
Use of am, used of am is given below
am In class 2
Use of am sentence, using am sentences examples
a. I am reading a book.
b. I am going to the store later.
c. I am feeling better now.
Use of are, used of are is given below.

Dhiraj and Ravi


Wearein the park


The girls

The use of "is," "am," and "are" is essential in English grammar, particularly for constructing sentences in the present tense. Understanding the correct use of is am are sentences is vital for mastering English language skills, especially for those learning English for class 1 or at a beginner level. As auxiliary verbs, is am are verbs play a crucial role in forming questions, negative statements, and continuous tenses. To improve your grasp of these helping verbs, engaging in is am are exercises or referring to an am is are exercises worksheet PDF can be extremely helpful.

The use of is am are sentences in Hindi may also be beneficial for those learning English as a second language, as it can provide context and translation. For instance, is am are ke 10 sentences or is am are ka use examples in Hindi can assist in solidifying understanding. Usage of am is are, whether in Hindi or English, can be practiced through worksheets of is am are or by reviewing are am examples.

To further improve your language skills, you can explore the use of is am are sentences for class 2 and class 3 students or practice is am are fill in the blanks exercises. Worksheet of is am are for class 2 or is am are worksheet for class 1 with answers can also be valuable resources for learners at different levels. For more advanced practice, consider is am are worksheet pdf or is am are worksheet for class 2 with answers, which offer diverse exercises.

When it comes to the question "is am morning or night?", the terms "a.m." and "p.m." are used to differentiate between morning and evening hours. "A.m." stands for "ante meridiem," meaning "before midday," and "p.m." stands for "post meridiem," meaning "after midday." This distinction is not directly related to the verbs "is," "am," and "are."

The use of is mr refers to the title "Mr." (Mister), which is used as a courtesy title before a man's surname or full name. In this context, "is" would be used to connect the subject and the title, such as in the sentence "He is Mr. Smith."

Lastly, if you want to practice am is are questions exercises pdf, this can be an effective way to enhance your ability to form questions using these auxiliary verbs. With consistent practice and exposure to is am are use in sentences, learners can expect to achieve proficiency in English grammar and communication.

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