Simplify Your English Studies with Printable NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Chapter 7 Chandni

Premium Simplify Your English Studies with Printable NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Chapter 7 Chandni
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*According to the CBSE Syllabus 2023-24, this chapter has been renumbered as Chapter 4.

If you're a student in Class 7 studying English, you may be looking for resources to help you understand and master the material. One important resource is NCERT solutions, which provide detailed explanations and answers to questions in your textbook. In this article, we'll provide printable NCERT solutions for Chapter 7 of your English textbook, Chandni, to help you simplify your studies and improve your grades.

Chandni class 7 chapter summary

The narrative of "Chandni," written by Zakir Husain Khan, revolves around a "freedom fight." Abbu Khan was an old man who resided in the city of Almora. He lived with his beloved pet goats, which were important to him because he lacked a family. He gave them amusing names and treated them as though they were his children. Abbu Khan would usually take his goats out for grazing during the day and tie them up with a string at night to keep them safe.

Despite Abbu Khan's best attempts, his goats fled from Abbu Khan's hut one by one during the night, wanting to travel up the hills, and were murdered by the hill wolf as a result. This upset Abbu Khan greatly since he knew that the hill wolf would have murdered the goats that had fled from Abbu Khan's hut. He decided not to keep any goats as pets after the loss of his goats. Abbu Khan, on the other hand, was terribly lonely without his goats. So he went out and bought a new young goat, Chandni.

 Abbu Khan's life was once again made happier by Chandni. Abbu Khan adored her and was cautious about keeping her from climbing the hills. He never stopped telling Chandni about his previous goats and how the hill wolf had killed them. Chandni sat and listened to his stories with rapt attention. Years have gone by.

 Chandni, like every hill goat, was drawn to the beauty of the hills as she grew older. Notwithstanding her yearning to travel to the hills, the rope around her neck kept her from venturing into the hills. As a result, she began missing meals and ignoring Abbu Khan's stories. For a long time, Abbu Khan was perplexed by Chandni's strange behaviour, and one day, Chandni revealed her desire to Abbu Khan.

 Abbu was enraged by Chandni's request, knowing that allowing her to climb the hills would be dangerous. Abbu attempted to convince Chandni, but she was adamant about breathing her air of freedom, and so nothing worked out. He trapped her in a hut after all of his attempts failed but forgot to close the window. Chandni escaped through the hut's window on the same day and headed towards the hills.

 Chandni finally made it to the hills. She was enthralled by the grandeur of the hills and spent hours playing on them. She then heard a grunt from the bushes nearby, which she assumed was a wolf's voice. She considered returning to Abbu's home, but her heart told her that "dying on an open field is more preferable to life in a small hut." And when the terrible wolf came in front of Chandni, she bravely battled it in the hopes of preserving her freedom. The next morning, Chandni was found dead.

 A group of birds that watched the fight started discussing among themselves who the winner was. While others proclaimed the big wolf as the victor, a wise bird declared Chandni as the victor since she valiantly battled for her freedom till the very last moment.

class 7 english chandni question answer

class 7 an alien hand chapter 7 question answer

Questions (Page No. 45)

( Chandni class 7 Comprehension Check - I)

Question 1. Why did Abbu Khan’s goats want to run away? What happened to them in the hills?

Answer: Abbu Khan’s goats wanted to run away because they wanted freedom to go to the beautiful hills and enjoy eating the fresh green grass. A wolf used to kill and eat them in the hills.

Question 2. Abbu Khan said, “No more goats in my house ever again.” Then he changed his mind. Why?

Answer: Abbu Khan said, “No more goats in my house ever again.” Then he changed his mind because he felt very lonely.

Question 3. Why did he buy a young goat?

Answer: He bought a young goat with the thought that the young goat would stay with him for a longer time and would not leave him for freedom.

Questions (Page No. 49)

(Comprehension Check - II)

Question 1. Why did Chandni hate the rope round her neck?

Answer: Chandni hated the rope around her neck because it pulled her back from going to the beautiful hills. She wanted to be free of it knowing the possible consequences.

Question 2. “Now Abbu Khan understood Chandni’s problem…” What was Chandni’s problem?

Answer: Chandni’s problem was that knowing the consequences, she wanted to go to the hills. She chose freedom over life. She thought that it was better to face the wolf while being free than staying chained forever.

Question 3. Abbu Khan pushed Chandni into a small hut. This shows that he

a.     was cruel.

b.    loved her and wanted to save her life.

c.     was selfish.


b.    loved her and wanted to save her life.

Questions (Page No. 54)

(Comprehension Check - III)

Question 1. Why did Chandni refuse to join the group of wild goats?

Answer: Chandni refused to join the group of wild goats because she wanted to enjoy her freedom entirely.

Question 2. Chandni fought the wolf because she

a.     was stronger than the wolf.

b.    hated the wolf.

c.     had to retain her freedom at all costs.


c.     had to retain her freedom at all costs.

Questions (Page No. 54)


Question 1. Why did the wise old bird say, “Chandni is the winner”?

Answer: The wise old bird said, “Chandni is the winner” because she faced her fear like a warrior. She did not stay chained just to be alive. On the contrary, she fought for her freedom. She did not lose her freedom.

Question 2. “Death in an open field is better than life in a small hut,” Chandni said to herself. Was it the right decision? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: “Death in an open field is better than life in a small hut,” Chandni said to herself.

Although it was a tough and brave decision, I think that one’s own life should not be the cost one pays for one’s own freedom. Chandni could have listened to Abbu Khan and stayed with him happily.

Question 3. Freedom is life. Discuss this with reference to ‘Chandni’ and ‘I Want Something in a Cage’.

Answer: Freedom is life. In the lesson “I Want Something in a Cage”, the strange man frees two doves from the cage. They were set free to enjoy freedom. The strange man, who had spent ten years in jail, knew the value of freedom.

In the chapter “Chandni” too, the struggle is for freedom but it is at the cost of her own life.

Step into the enchanting world of Class 7 English as we delve into the captivating chapter, "Chandni." This evocative chapter takes readers on a mesmerizing journey, offering a glimpse into the life of the protagonist, Chandni. Let's explore the various aspects and resources related to this enthralling chapter.

To aid students in their academic pursuit, NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chandni question-answer have been meticulously crafted. These solutions, designed by our subject-matter experts, provide comprehensive and insightful explanations, ensuring a clear understanding of the chapter. These solutions serve as an invaluable resource for students, helping them grasp the essence of the story and navigate through the associated questions.

For a comprehensive learning experience, the chapter itself is available in PDF format, offering students convenient access to the complete text. This digital resource enables students to study "Chandni" at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. The PDF format ensures that students have a portable and easily accessible version of the chapter, facilitating efficient learning.

Moreover, students can explore the summary of "Chandni" in Hindi, providing a concise overview of the chapter's key events and themes. This summary encapsulates the essence of the story, enabling students to review and reinforce their understanding of the narrative.

To further delve into the depths of Chandni's character, a character sketch is available. This sketch offers a comprehensive portrayal of Chandni, highlighting her qualities, actions, and significance within the story. Understanding the characters adds depth to the reading experience and aids in analyzing the plot and its development.

Additionally, for Chapter 7 of Class 7 English, there are question-answer resources available. These resources provide a structured approach to comprehension, helping students enhance their analytical and critical thinking skills. The inclusion of multiple-choice questions further allows students to evaluate their understanding of the chapter.

For those seeking to explore the poem "Chandni Raat" in Class 9 Hindi, there are question-answer resources specifically tailored for this purpose. These resources facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the poem, including its themes, language, and underlying meanings.

In conclusion, "Chandni" is a captivating chapter that immerses students in a world of enchantment and discovery. With NCERT Solutions, PDF resources, summaries, and question-answer materials, students are equipped with an array of tools to enhance their learning experience. Embrace the magic of "Chandni" and unlock the doors to a realm of literary exploration in Class 7 English.

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