Informal Letter For class 6 - Format And Examples (PDF)

Premium Informal Letter For class 6 - Format And Examples (PDF)
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Class 6 composition, particularly in CBSE English, introduces students to the art of writing informal letters. This essential skill is a part of the Class 6 curriculum, where students learn to express their thoughts, experiences, and feelings in a structured and personal way. Informal letters for Class 6 are all about connecting with friends and family through words, using a friendly and conversational tone.

At WitKnowLearn, students can find a variety of informal letter examples tailored for Class 6. These samples help students understand how to start a letter, share news or personal stories, and conclude with a warm sign-off. Each informal letter for Class 6 sample is crafted to guide students in using simple language, making their letters engaging and heartfelt.

Learning to write informal letters is not just a part of the CBSE class 6 English syllabus; it's a way for students to enhance their communication skills. Whether it’s sharing a special experience, asking about a friend's well-being, or just saying hello, these letters are a wonderful way for students to stay connected and express themselves. WitKnowLearn emphasizes this by providing resources that make learning to write informal letters an enjoyable and enriching experience for young learners.

Informal Letter For Class 6

What is an Informal Letter?

Every person writes a letter at some point of time in his life. Letters not only carry formal discourses but are also means of friendly conversations. How language and vocabulary is used in a letter reflects the skills and finesse of the writer as well. Therefore, it is essential to master the skill of writing a good letter from an early age.

Informal letters or friendly letters help us communicate with our distant friends and relatives which in turn helps us stay in touch with them. It gives us an insight into their lives and experiences, while we share a part of us at the same time. For this mutual exchange to occur satisfactorily, we need to study the basic rules and polish our skills through practice.

Informal letter format

Sender's Address

ABC Colony

Room Number 11



Date: (DD/MM/YYYY)

Salutation, (Example: Dear …,)

Introduction: Greet the person to whom the letter is addressed and reassure of your well-being. Introduce the purpose behind writing your letter.

Body Paragraph:

Conclusion: (Summarise all the points mentioned in the letter without further elaborating upon them.

Subscription(Example: Yours truly/affectionately,) 

Sender's Name

Sender's Signature

The above is the Informal letter format for class 6. Which is helpful in terms of writing all types of informal letters.

Types of Informal Letters:

Letter of permission

Letter of condolence

Letter of invitation

Letter of information

Letter of apology

Letter of appreciation

Tips for Writing an Informal Letter:

Collect all your thoughts before beginning to write the letter.

Make a rough list of all the important things that you wish to share.

Take time to write the letter in a neat handwriting with readable letters.

Maintain a free flow of ideas. Avoid skipping from one point to the other.

Avoid scribbling or cancelling what has already been written.

Informal letter example:

10/B Navre Nagar

B. R. Ambedkar Road Mumbai

25th September 2023

Dearest Sarita,

I hope you are in good health and excelling in your professional field. Your decision to move to another state, though praiseworthy, has nevertheless been difficult for all of us to accept. This is the first time that a child from our household has ventured out alone to make a career. We all miss you dearly, especially your grandparents.

To top it all, the recently held family gathering came too soon after your departure. Everyone regretted that we could not have it before your departure. When we sit down to talk and share our stories, you became the main subject of our discussion. You would have loved it if you were here. I know how you love to be pampered by all.

Everyone recollected with fondness your love for food and your exceptional talent at turning random experiments into delicious dishes. This was the first time that you were not present to feed and entertain us. I don‟t think you need to know how proud you have made all of us by your achievements. I wish for you many such happy achievements. Remember to take care of your health too and do write to us whenever you have the time.

Your dear aunt,


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