Decimals class 5 worksheet with answer

Premium Decimals class 5 worksheet with answer
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Decimals class 5 worksheet with answer

´╗┐Decimals class 5th. Download the decimal class 5 worksheet with answers including word problems on decimals, and MCQ on decimals based on the latest syllabus. Decimals worksheets consist of 17 pages including the answer key. Questions are based on a place value chart including tents and hundredths and thousandths concepts followed by conversion of unlike decimals into like decimals, converting decimals into fractions and fractions into decimals. expanding of decimals, and place value of decimals, followed by addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals-based questions followed by word problems and MCQ-based questions.

  • Topic -┬á Decimals
  • Grade 5
  • Number of worksheets - 17
  • Answer key - Included

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  • Decimals grade 5

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