Fractions and Decimals class 7 worksheet

Fractions and Decimals class 7 worksheet
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        Decimals worksheet for class 7

         What are decimals?

  • A decimal is a numeral system. It is the standard system for denoting integers and non-integers numbers
  • Example when we divide 1 by 10 we get 0.1, similarly, numbers such as 0.01,0.001 etc are called decimals numbers and it is denoted by dot (.)
  • Place value chart and decimals: The decimals have two parts- a whole part and decimal part, these parts are separated by a decimal point. Watch this video to understand more.

Download grade 7 pdf worksheet on fractions chapter. We have included questions based on mental maths on integers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division based questions on integers.

Key Benefit

Topic: Integers

Grade: 7

Type: PDF Worksheet

MCQ Test: Available

Practice extra questions and answers: Available

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