Water a precious resource class 7th - Notes, MCQ's & More

Premium Water a precious resource class 7th - Notes, MCQ's & More
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With water being the most important resource for life on our planet, it's important to educate kids about the need to conserve and use it sustainably. Help students in Class 7th understand the importance of this precious resource with comprehensive subject notes, MCQs, and more.

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chapter 16 - water A Precious resource class 7 Notes, MCQ's and Extra Questions & Answers

This chapter focuses on the topic of Water - A Precious Resource in Class 7th. In this unit, you will learn about the various sources of water, its importance as a resource, and how it can be conserved. Additionally, you'll find helpful subject notes, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and other extra questions and answers related to the topic. Have fun learning with these resources!
Water is a precious resource that is essential for all forms of life. The surface water sources like lakes, streams, and rivers are useful but they are limited. To meet our growing needs we also depend on underground reserves which include wells, tube wells and bore wells. Important steps must be taken in order to conserve water resources by judicious use of water in daily activities. Further, various watershed management practices should be adopted to prevent wastage of precious water that goes down into the drains or runs away due to poor soil management practices. All of us should join hands and make efforts to conserve the precious water resources.
By keeping these facts in mind, the Central Board of Secondary Education has prescribed chapter 16 ‘Water: A Precious Resource’. In this chapter, students will be introduced to concepts related to different sources of water and their importance in everyday life. This unit also presents details about watershed management systems and strategies that can be followed to conserve water resources. Through this topic, students will learn how proper waste management practices can play an important role in conserving our water resources. The Class 7 ‘Water: A Precious Resource’ NCERT Solutions helps students to study this chapter thoroughly by providing MCQs based on the topics covered in the curriculum, other important questions and answers related to it, notes and diagrams for visual illustrations of key concepts, etc.
Due to the increase of population, demand for water supply has been increasing day by day which is why it has become very important to conserve water and promote sustainable use of it. The Chapter 16 ‘Water: A Precious Resource’ Class 7 Notes includes various concepts related to the source of water, rejuvenation of ground water, watershed management and its importance. Through this chapter, students should understand the importance of reducing water wastage and be conscious about their own water usage habits. Also, this chapter introduces them to various methods and strategies that can be used to conserve our water resources such as rainwater harvesting methods, constructing check dams near rivers etc., along with identifying sources of pollution in aquatic bodies like rivers/lakes. With the help of MCQs & other questions related to this topic given in NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science ‘Water: A Precious Resource’ students can assess their knowledge level and develop interest in further exploring the topics available in that chapter.
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