NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 10 Helen Keller Worksheet

Premium NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 10 Helen Keller Worksheet
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In a world of darkness and silence, there lived a girl named Helen. An illness had stolen her ability to see and hear, leaving her confined within herself. Concerned for Helen's well-being, her mother sought help and appointed a teacher, Miss Sullivan.

Little did they know that this was the beginning of a remarkable journey. With unwavering determination, Miss Sullivan used words as a key to unlock Helen's understanding of the world. And as the power of language slowly unfurled before her, Helen's hunger for knowledge grew insatiable. With each word learned, a universe of possibilities opened up, fueling her desire to learn more from the extraordinary and patient teacher that had become her guiding light in the darkness.

Overview of Marigold Class 4 English Unit 5 Chapter 10: Helen Keller

In Unit 5 Chapter 10 of the Marigold Class 4 English textbook, students dive into the inspiring life story of Helen Keller. This chapter serves as an introduction to the remarkable journey of Helen Keller, a girl who overcame the challenges of being deaf and blind. It highlights the importance of determination, resilience, and the power of communication in overcoming obstacles. Through this chapter, students are encouraged to develop empathy, appreciate diversity, and embrace the value of perseverance.

Learning Objectives for Helen Keller chapter from Marigold Class 4 Textbook

The learning objectives of the Helen Keller chapter in the Marigold Class 4 English textbook are multifaceted. Firstly, students are expected to develop an understanding of Helen Keller's life story, including her challenges and achievements. They are also encouraged to appreciate the importance of effective communication and the power of language in connecting with others. Furthermore, this chapter aims to foster empathy, tolerance, and understanding towards individuals with disabilities. Through this unit, students will enhance their language skills, reading comprehension, and critical thinking abilities.

Helen Keller Chapter Summary for class 4

The Helen Keller chapter in the Marigold Class 4 English textbook provides students with a brief overview of Helen Keller's extraordinary life. It highlights her early struggles as a child who was deaf and blind, unable to communicate with the world around her. The chapter introduces readers to Helen's teacher, Anne Sullivan, who taught her sign language and opened up a whole new world of communication. Students learn about Helen's journey towards educational achievements, including attending college and becoming an advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities. The chapter aims to inspire students to overcome their own challenges and cultivate empathy towards others.

Key Concepts and Vocabulary

Throughout the Helen Keller chapter, key concepts and vocabulary are presented to enhance students' understanding of the text. Concepts such as disabilities, communication, determination, and empathy are explored and discussed in an age-appropriate manner. Vocabulary related to Helen Keller's life, such as sign language, braille, perseverance, and accomplishments are introduced, expanding students' language skills and word bank. By grasping these key concepts and vocabulary, students gain a deeper comprehension of Helen Keller's story and its broader significance.

Class 4 English Helen Keller Worksheet

To engage students further with the Helen Keller chapter, a worksheet is designed for Class 4 English students. The worksheet may include various activities such as comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, and creative writing prompts. These worksheets encourage students to actively engage with the text, apply their understanding of the key concepts, and further develop their language and critical thinking skills. By completing the worksheet, students can consolidate their understanding of Helen Keller's story and its themes.

Class 4 English Chapter 10 Helen Keller MCQs Questions

In Chapter 10 of Class 4 English, Helen Keller, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) may be included to assess students' understanding of the chapter. These questions can cover various aspects of Helen Keller's life, including her challenges, achievements, and the concepts introduced in the chapter. MCQs provide a structured format for students to showcase their understanding of the text, choose the most appropriate answers, and test their comprehension. This assessment method allows teachers to evaluate individual learning outcomes and identify areas that may require additional support or clarification.

Class 4 English Unit 5 Chapter 10 Helen Keller Extra questions

To encourage a deeper exploration of the Helen Keller chapter, additional questions may be provided in Unit 5 Chapter 10 of Class 4 English. These extra questions promote critical thinking and encourage students to express their thoughts and opinions about Helen Keller's life and her impact on the world. Additional questions may focus on her resilience, the significance of effective communication, and personal connections to the text. By engaging with these extra questions, students can develop their analytical and communication skills and gain a deeper appreciation for the remarkable journey of Helen Keller.

Additional Resources for Further Learning

For students seeking additional resources to enhance their understanding of Helen Keller's life, a variety of supplementary materials can be explored. These resources may include biographies, documentaries, videos, or interactive online activities related to Helen Keller and her accomplishments. By engaging with these resources, students can deepen their connection to the subject matter, expand their knowledge, and further develop their language and critical thinking skills.


The Marigold Class 4 English Unit 5 Chapter 10, Helen Keller, provides students with an opportunity to learn about the life and achievements of an inspiring individual. Through this chapter, students develop empathy, cultivate perseverance, and appreciate the power of effective communication. By examining key concepts and vocabulary, completing worksheets, and engaging with additional resources, students gain a deeper understanding of Helen Keller's remarkable journey. Overall, this chapter fosters personal growth, empathy, and a sense of appreciation for diversity and determination.

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