Class 3 Long And Short Worksheet

Class 3 Long And Short Worksheet
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Class 3 Long And Short Worksheet

´╗┐Long and short class 3. Download long and short class 3 worksheets from chapter 4 from maths magic class 3 based on the latest CBSE syllabus including questions on measuring the length of objects, questions on maps, converting m to cm and more.

There are 5 worksheets, in the first worksheet questions are based on finding the length of different objects in centimetres (cm) after that students will find the error while observing the length of different objects. In the second worksheets questions are based on converting meter into centimetre i.e converting m to cm for class 3-based questions, then students have to fill in the blanks based on conversion after that questions are based on estimating the length of objects whether the length of an object is in cm or m. After that map based questions are given, by looking at the map students have to give the answers.

Topic - Long and short class 3

Chapter 4 maths magic

Number of worksheets - 5

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