Air worksheet for grade 1

Air worksheet for grade 1
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Air worksheet for grade 1 | Evs for class 1 CBSE

´╗┐why do we need air for class 1. Download air worksheet for grade 1 including questions and answers on air for class 1, match the following, e v s, uses of air class 1 questions and more. Air class 1 on 1 worksheet consists of 4 pages including answers. the first worksheet consists of questions based on identifying the things which need air to live, after that fill in the blanks on the air chapter, finding the missing letters, match the following, questions and answers on air chapter.

All our surroundings are filled with air. Air is everywhere, we cannot see and touch air, but we can feel air. All human beings, plants and animals need air to live.

Properties of air

1. Air moves, moving air is called wind. A gentle wind is called a breeze and it is very pleasant. A strong wind is called a gale, a fast blowing wind with rain is called a storm and storm can uproot trees and can cause damage to our houses.

2. Air occupies space, When we blow an empty balloon it starts to expand and become bigger in size, so we can say that air occupies space.

3. Air has weight, If we take the normal balloon on one side and a balloon filled with air and put then on a flat stick then we will see that the balloon filled with air will move downwards it means air has weight.

Topic - Air 

EVS CBSE Class 1

Number of worksheets - 3 + 1

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