Chances and Probability worksheet for class 7

 Chances and Probability worksheet for class 7
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 Chances and Probability

There are innumerable events that are taking place every day in our life. Some of these events are inevitable. It means they are sure to happen whether you want it or not.

Example The sun rises in the east,

If today is Monday then tomorrow will be Tuesday only

If you throw any heavy object then it falls down, etc.

 The result of these events is predetermined. So we can say that the probability of these events in the given situations is certain, so the probability of these events is 100%

Similarly, if you toss a coin, you are not sure, which one, the head or tail will show up. This chances of being either head or tail are even or equal. We say that it is equally likely that it will be either head or tail. So, in this case, the probability will be 50%

Impossible chance: You cannot get 20 marks out of 10 marks in your maths exam

Certain chance: A hare runs faster than a turtle

More likely chance: It is more likely that James will pick up an orange without looking.

Unlikely or less chance: It is less likely that you will draw a red card from a pack of 6 cards randomly 

Download Chances and probability worksheet for class 7. We have added all types of questions and this worksheet can be used for class 7 to class 10.

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Topic: Chances and Probability

Grade: Grade 7 to Grade 10

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